Dealing with PTSD: Self-Help Techniques

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In this post I am going to tell you about some self-help techniques that will help you to deal with your PTSD. If you want to know more about the symptoms and risk factors check out my previous post: “An Introduction to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)”. PTSD is usually connected to an overwhelming traumatic event, [...]

An Introduction to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Roaring sound of a speeding train, the vibrating railway tracks and platform, the sound of the train honk. It still gives me a jitter and immense pain. 16 years have passed since I lost my beloved father in a rail-road accident in front of my own eyes. We lost our father, I sustained major injuries. [...]

The psycho-spiritual science of forgiving

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It is said that the one who forgives is always on a higher plane than the one who does any mistake. In fact, the act of forgiving requires a lot of patience, understanding, insight and deep-rooted value system. Not everyone can have the guts to forgive or ask for forgiveness. In the words of Catherine [...]

Therapeutic journal writing & its benefits

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As a CBT therapist, one of the core therapy inputs I prescribe my clients is the “Journal Writing Method”. Almost all of us do some kind of scribbling, writing, doodling in our daily lives. However, many of you won’t know the right way of journal writing or diary writing. Some write for a passion, some [...]

Self-trust: Do you trust yourself enough?

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When I see a bird flying high in the blue skies, a sapling peeping out of the strong soil, an ant carrying food double than its weight, sea waves crushing down sturdy rocks…I ask myself do I trust myself enough to bring out a significant change in my life or somebody else’s life? Today I [...]

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Introduction, Methodology and Benefits of CBT

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Anyone who heads into our website and services comes in terms with a key word; CBT. Though some of you already know about it, however for many this acronym is still a big question mark. This blog post focuses on what CBT is, how it is done and how it benefits one and all. The [...]

Resolutions for the New Year…

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The New Year is an advent of a new dawn of new possibilities, novel opportunities, immense hope and deep faith. That is why New Year resolutions have their own significance. But, always remember one thing that the moment you open your inner eye, that itself is a new beginning. In that case, there’s no need [...]