How to prepare yourself for a clinical therapy session

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In my career as a therapist and in daily life also I have seen many people who visit hospitals or clinics but are not prepared for a therapy session. Some people even ask ambiguous questions like: “I know I have a problem, but what is the problem…I don’t know”. Some say “I have a lot [...]

An introduction to alternative therapies

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Did you know that other than popping pills in illness there are a lot of ways in which you can manage and prevent different physical and mental health issues? Yes folks! The planet that we dwell in offers us with many healing agents. These healing agents either keep diseases at bay or help us to [...]

Improving Communication in Relationships

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Fights, commenting on each other, keeping quiet and walking away, staying away from each other for days at a stretch...Communication problem in a relationship can make it a worse thing and an overwhelming experience to bear. Believe me or not, when you cannot communicate properly in a relationship, it can land in hell. Whether you [...]

Are you in Love?

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Love… The word itself gives a “wow” feeling, doesn't it? Interestingly, love is a word that is felt and understood by different individuals in different ways. Love manifests itself in manifold hues and forms. You can see love between a mother and her child, between a brother and sister, between peers, passionate lovers, husband and [...]

Test your “Mental Health Quotient” (MQ)

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A few months back the entire world fraternity observed the “World Mental Health Day”. For everyone else it was like a normal day with everyday – routine activities. But, it was a very special day for mental health professionals and people ailling with mental health problems. When I asked some of the people around me, [...]

Exploring Meditation: Methods and Benefits

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Do you know, in some degree we all meditate in some or the other form? However, we do not realize because we do not know much about it. I can see that there are still a lot of doubts related to meditation. This motivated me to write a blog post on it and tell you [...]

An introduction to psychotic disorders

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By definition, a psychotic disorder is a chronic mental illness that requires long-term treatment, medication and sometimes hospitalization, in-patient care as well. This blog post will provide you information on different kinds of psychotic illness, their prevalence, signs and symptoms. Therefore, as soon as you identify them or feel them you can seek immediate medical [...]

How to increase your memory power

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Do you have a habit of forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, important dates, where you kept your car keys, if you lock the door or not? Do you have problems focusing on things and situations? Do you have problems in concentrating and remembering things? If yes, then this blog post is for you! Memory play a vital [...]