Anyone who heads into our website and services comes in terms with a key word; CBT. Though some of you already know about it, however for many this acronym is still a big question mark. This blog post focuses on what CBT is, how it is done and how it benefits one and all.

The full form of the acronym is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It is one of the most effective psychological therapies available so far. In the generic sense of the term, CBT refers to a psychotherapeutic technique in which a therapist addressed the dysfunctional and maladaptive thought and behavior patterns. Unlike, other forms of psychotherapies, CBT is a wholesome technique that focuses both on the thought processes and the behavior of a person as well. So whenever you or your near and dear ones need psychological help, I would say the best thing to do would be to approach a CBT therapist. If a CBT therapist is not available in your area, then you can go for Online CBT treatment.

CBT is considered to be most beneficial as it works on the soma and psyche of a person. That is, it works both on the body and the mind. It refines maladaptive thought patterns, and motivates you towards fruitful actions.

CBT – Working System/Methodology:

Though CBT modules, therapists, modes may differ there are six common steps or phases in CBT interventions. They are:

  • Psychological assessment: The therapist would do an intensive assessment of your problems/symptoms, so that a correct diagnosis can be made.
  • Reconceptualization: After assessment and diagnosis, the therapist would help you to re-conceptualize your maladaptive, unhealthy or faulty thinking patterns, symptoms, etc.
  • Skills Acquisition: This is the phase where behavioral dimension of your life enters. In this phase the therapist would help you to acquire healthy behavior patterns so that you can deal effectively with your potential problems and symptoms. In this phase many symptoms also fade off.
  • Skills Consolidation and Application Training: After you have acquired all the necessary skills, it is important to put them in a definite framework for you, otherwise everything may just spill off. This phase imparts a definite shape and stability to your newly acquired skills.
  • Maintenance: Once skills are refined, developed and shaped maintaining them is also very necessary. If you won’t keep on practicing the acquired skills then everything you have learned in CBT sessions may just fade off. For long term stable effects of therapies it is very important that everything you learn in the CBT sessions are practiced and persevered.
  • Follow up: Even after your CBT sessions are over, usually your therapist won’t leave you alone. Follow ups are a regular routine to keep you intact and in touch with the therapies, to ensure your well-being and sound health.

Modes of CBT Access:

You can get access to CBT through various modes with the help of a CBT therapist, group therapy, computerized CBT, self-help books, etc. However, the most beneficial CBT mode these days is Computerized CBT or online CBT. Now let us see some benefits of Online CBT:

Benefits of Online CBT:

  • Highly confidential
  • Economic and time-consuming
  • Safeguards your privacy, dignity and integrity
  • You can opt for the computerized version or video version according to your sweet will
  • You can continue the sessions at your own pace
  • No traffic, no moving out your comfortable couch
  • You can save the sessions and use them even after the CBT process ends
  • Therapists are available 24/7 in accordance with your time zone
  • Personalized and customized with regard to your unique, personal needs
  • Follow up system also available

Advantages of CBT over other therapies:

  • All-round therapy system
  • Focus on both physical and psychological aspects of your problems and systems
  • Focus on thought processes as well as behavioral patterns
  • Easy to inculcate in daily life
  • Has enduring effects if practiced regularly
  • The results are evidence-based that you can yourself observe
  • Client-specific i.e based on your specific therapy needs
  • A strong support system
  • Development of healthy thought-behavior patterns
  • Development of a well-defined sense of self and insight
  • Equips you to resist further maladaptive symptoms or behavior
  • Highly beneficial in prevention
  • Economic and time saving
  • Focused treatment
  • Contributes to overall well-being and health

Be it CBT or any other therapy technique you need to remember some crucial things: It is only by regularity in practicing of therapies, creatively using your therapies, clear communication with your therapist, determination, and perseverance you can achieve your therapy expectations and destination of good physical and mental health.