Battered and shattered, wounded and bruised, bleeding and crying… Every now and then we hear different stories related to domestic violence or literally go through it. Needless to say, domestic violence is one of the most heinous acts done on a female (or male). Do you know who the worst sufferers of this are? Its women, children and significant others related to them. I remember coming across a woman who was a community worker in our NGO. Everyday I would see a new wound, cut or bruise in her body. I asked her about that, but she never told the truth.

But, one day she came to the office and was profusely bleeding. Her husband ran after her holding a knife. I was literally shocked. That day I realized that she was a victim of domestic violence. In this her husband and her in-laws were the main culprit. She was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, and then we took her to the Women’s Welfare Cell in order to help her and impart her due justice. She got well within a few days. Her husband and her in-laws were put behind the bars. Though she got saved and her wounds got healed. But, the scars that the torture had left had a deep impact on her memories and emotions.

The community worker got out of the trauma through intensive care, counseling and support. However, every nook and corner of the world is filled with some or the other household where a woman is put into the hearth of domestic violence. Stories, situations and crimes may be silent or go unreported…but, it certainly rips off the soul apart. The body and mind getting wounded due to domestic violence is just another aspect.

Now let us know what the underlying cause of domestic violence is. In other words, why do people resort to this hellish act.

Causes of Domestic Violence:

  • Personality problems of the perpetrator
  • Self-esteem issues, behavioral issues, mental health issues, poor environment, aggravating factors including family n peers, lack of anger or impulse control
  • Addiction, drug abuse, personality deficits, bad childhood experiences
  • Underlying biological and psychological disorder
  • Faulty coping with life’s stressors, pressures and challenges; learning domestic violence from one’s own family or relatives (model behavior)
  • Marital conflicts, unfulfilled expectations, ego clash, hatred, jealousy
  • Overall causes of domestic violence include physical factors, social factors, family environment; learning and modeling behavior; peer – group influence, addiction, psychological and personality problems, etc.

Types of Domestic Violence:

Do you know domestic violence is not just a combination of two words; it is inflicted to a person in different hurtful ways. Here are some of the forms of domestic violence that a victim has to suffer:

  • Physical abuse: Includes beating, assault, aggression, etc
  • Sexual abuse: Worst form is marital rape, genital mutilation, criminal coercion, sexual violence, sexual slavery, etc
  • Emotional and verbal abuse
  • Economic deprivation
  • Honor killings, acid throwing, bride burning, dowry violence

In other words, there are many ways in which domestic violence can manifest itself. There is no one typical and distinctive form of it. It is often thought that domestic violence only occurs in a marital relationship and that to only on women. But, this is not entirely correct. Domestic violence also occurs in a live-in relationship, dating cohabitation, on men, and in same-sex relationships. Apart from the ovbious forms of physical, mental, social and economic torture sometimes the culprit also causes pain to the victim through criminal coersion, trespassing, kidnapping, harassment and stalking.

Psychological Repercussions of Domestic Violence:

I hope by now you must have understood how dangerous and hurtful domestic violence can be. Apart from the obvious physical afflictions, it leads to serious psychological impact too. Some of the common psychological problems caused due to domestic violence are:

  • Personality problems: Lowering of sense of self, self-esteem, self-confidence and dynamism in one’s personality
  • Emotional problems, mood swings, emotional tantrums, anger outbursts
  • Typical mental health issues like irrational fear, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and intense stress, etc
  • Self-harm and in worst cases suicide

We at are committed to helping anyone suffering from the psychological issues due to domestic violence. If you or any of your loved one is going through this rough phase of life, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. As a victim, you should know about the law, support system available, helplines and virtually any and every way that can hep you get off the vicious clutches of domestic violence.

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