Do you have a habit of scribbling lines, arrows, sceneries or stars; or simply writing your name, signature, etc when you are bored or preoccupied with some other thought?  If yes, then you are drawing or making “doodles”!!! Doodles are representative simple drawings or scribblings that have hidden meanings. Depending on your mood, unconscious motivations and personality you tend to draw doodles of different kinds. Doodles are subjective in nature and are repetitive too. It means that you can draw a same doodle over and over again.

In other words, a doodle is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made by an individual when his/her mind is otherwise occupied. I also doodle a lot. I like doodling natural scenes, flowers, etc. Examples of doodles can be found in the notebooks of school/college going students when they are bored in the class/lecture. If you are bored of a long telephonic conversation; and if you have a pen and paper next to you, there is every chance that you will pick it up and start doodling. Scribbling doodles is mind’s own way of preoccupying itself, releasing stress and pressure, day dreaming and sharpening memory too.

Do you know Alexander Pushkin? His notebooks are sterling examples of doodles. He used to make the profiles of his friend’s hands, feet, etc. Here is an illustration of his doodling:

Alexander Pushkin was a Great Russian author and poet of the romantic era. He is considered to be the founder of Russian Literature. Like him, the other noted personalities who also had the habit of drawing doodles are: Noble laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore, poet and physician John Keats; other literary doodlers like Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath and so on. Now let me tell you about the different kinds of doodles that people usually draw and what do they mean:

Doodles Meaning
Arrows Arrows reflect the subconscious motivation of an ambitious person. If a person draws arrows then he/she is determined to achieve his/her goal. So, the arrow is a medium of targeting the goal.
Flowers Flowers reflect your emotional responses, feelings, sociable nature and so on. Rounded, beautiful flowers positive emotions and sociable, family-oriented nature. However, sharp flowers or drooping flowers are a sign of tensions, worry and burden.
Faces If you have a habit of drawing doodles depicting faces, then it is a good gateway to your emotions and personality. Faces reflect your mood in general. Doodles of faces of children depict attention-seeking behavior; good looking faces are an indication that you have the ability to see good in others. While, profiles indicate introversion or an introverted nature.
Names and Signature If you tend to doodle your own name and signature then you want to make your mark in the world. You want to prove yourself worth. If you doodle some other person’s name then that person is in your mind and holds an important position in your life.
Ladder Ladder doodles are a sign of upliftment and ambitions. They also represent spiritual and philosophical values of life. Drawing ladder doodles is definitely a good sign and you have a lot more to offer to this world via your positive values, virtues and genuineness.
Houses House is a sign of comfort and security. Beautifully doodled houses show that you are loved and taken care of at home. You feel comfortable, safe and secure there. However, a house drawn with closed doors or without windows then it shows problems and unhappiness in home life.
Heart Drawing a heart, cupid striking a heart, arrows with heart… Everything shows that you are loving, caring, affectionate and a passionate lover. Someone special is in your mind at that juncture.

So folks, that was all about the interesting world of doodles. Doodling is a good way of relieving stress, boosting your memory power, getting rid of boredom and to express your subconscious motivation. However, beware of excessive doodling. It is sometimes great to be then and there at the present situation too!!! Hope you liked the blog.

Happy Doodling!!!