Gushes of heartfelt emotions shower on you, the moment you come to know about the advent of a little one in your lives. These emotions can neither be described nor be controlled. They can only be felt; beyond physical limitations and beyond eternity. When the good news of the little one comes, everyone related to you becomes so excited and elated. The journey of nine months and after that will not only bring many moments and experiences to cherish but also change your life for a lifetime. This blog post is based on some important things and concerns that all parent-to-be should know before holding their little ones in their arms. Happy nesting and happy reading!

For Mommy-to-be:

With the pregnancy strip showing a positive sign, many of you would be feeling happy and overwhelmed at the same time. What to do, what not to do, whom to tell, whom not to tell, when to share the big news, what next…All these are some common questions that start hitting the mind. Here is a step by step process of to-do’s for you:

  1. The moment you discover that you are pregnant, it’s a big time to hug your partner/ your baby’s daddy-to-be and thank each other for the gift that would be coming in a couple of months.
  2. Fix an appointment with your gynecologist/obstetrician for the scanning of the fetus and the future course of actions.
  3. Talk to your ob/gyn about your family history of any disease (if any), your allergies, what to eat and what not to eat, etc.
  4. I know you would be pining or craving to yell out the good news to your loved ones and relatives. But hold on! Talk about the good news only when the tie is ripe, when you and your partner have emotionally settled down a bit and when your nesting urges have sunk in. Usually breaking the news after 12 weeks or 2-3 months is advisable. This gives you ample time for everything.

Medical and Health Tips for Mommies-to-be:

  1. Never miss your doctor’s appointment, medicines he/she prescribes at any cost.
  2. Never take over-the-counter medicines for the opportunistic health issues you face during pregnancy. Always seek doctor’s advice. If possible make your ob/gyn write about some SOS medicines that you can take in case of acute problems.
  3. Some common physical ailments during pregnancy include: Nausea, vomiting (I used to vomit at least 22-25 times per day), acidity problems, digestion problems, frequent urination, swelling palms and feet, headaches, breathing problems, palpitations, sensitivity towards smell and noise.
  4. Common psychological issues include: Food craving, food aversion, insomnia (sleep problems), mood swings, stress, anxiety, depression and worrying.
  5. Don’t worry…the above ailments/issues may or may not exist in some cases. Some may get one or two symptoms out of the whole. Each and every pregnancy is different.

Workouts and Exercise for Mommies-to-be:

  1. As I said, every pregnancy is different so doing exercise or workouts is not always advised. Some women are asked to take complete bed-rest for the entire 9 months. Some women have a very high or very low-lying placenta. So exercising may harm both the mother and the child growing in the womb. That’s why every mom-to-be should take clear-cut advice from their ob/gyn whether or not to exercise and what workouts are suitable.
  2. One thing that is very effective and side-effect free is “breathing exercise”. I would like to share the most effective breathing exercise with you here. You can do it while listening to your favorite music too: Sit in a comfortable position. Breathe in or take a deep breathe. While inhaling, imagine that you are inhaling positive thoughts and positive vibes/energies for you and your baby. Then hold your breathe for 1-2 secs imagining that all the positive thoughts and vibes are settling in and spreading in both of you. Finally breathe out slowly. While exhaling, imagine that all the negativity within you is getting expelled in the form of black smoke. Repeat the same for 4-5 rounds slowly and in a calm manner. After that rub both your palms and touch your body/tummy/all round your body.
  3. Walking in fresh air is also a good and subtle workout that is very effectual. It can be done through all the trimesters.

Diet-regime: What to eat and what not to eat when pregnant:

  • Completely avoid eating papaya and pineapple during your entire course of your pregnancy as it can cause premature delivery, uterine contractions and abortion in extreme causes. Some people/cultures/countries do prefer eating raw papayas…but the decision is all yours. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol. If someone pushes you towards the same or if you get an urge to do so, then simply avoid that person/place/situation. Smoking (active and passive), drugs and alcohol cause serious birth defects, premature labor and abortion, and fetal death syndrome.
  • Try covering your nose with some cloth when someone smokes near you or when you go in a polluted area.
  • Try to experiment on the foods that you eat. Some foods make you feel more pukish or nauseated. While others cause acidity problems. So its best to prepare a diet chart on the basis of your preferences.
  • Overcooked food, under-cooked food, oily foods, excessive fat-rich food may be harmful. Be extra careful while eating fish and meat. Make sure they are healthy in your preggie days and are cooked cautiously.
  • Balanced diet is the key to a healthy diet regime during pregnancy. I used to crave for salty and sour foods only. And sweet based food made me feel sick. My baby boy was born with a very low glucose level and was on the threshold to getting a fits attack. Luckily he got out of that danger. So do not make a mistake like me. Even if you crave for a certain category of food, do not forget to add other categories of vital food to your platter too. And yes, avoid mixed-food salads as they mix nutrients and create hazardous elements. Instead of that eat whole fruits.
  • Eat right and eat healthy.

Clothes to wear during pregnancy:

  • Wear light clothes.
  • Too tight clothes should be avoided.
  • Avoid wearing pants and clothes that are too tight right over your stomach and your abdominal area.
  • Cotton and light-colored clothes are the best.

Body Care and Hygiene during pregnancy:

  • Do not use body lotions that are filled with a lot of chemicals. Use herbal products instead.
  • To avoid stretch marks you can use some herbal creams with the recommendation of your ob/gyn.
  • Make sure to flush the toilet/bathroom with antiseptic liquid before using it. Keep your private areas clean to avoid infections.
  • Keep your surroundings clean in an overall way. It will not only make you feel better but also help you to stay healthy throughout your preggie days.

For Psychological Issues/Balance during pregnancy:

  • Share your emotions, feelings with your partner or anyone you can rely on and trust.
  • Talk to your baby more often.
  • Spend ample time with your partner too. Because after your baby arrives there would obviously be an attention-shift altogether.
  • Keep a stress-ball with you to release any kind of stress.
  • Watch you favorite movie, listen and hum your favorite song.
  • Chocolates tend to pacify anxiety and stress.
  • Meditation works wonders.
  • You can create your time line album of events in your life, how you are excited for your baby, how you want him/her to be…..everything. This will be a creative and emotionally uplifting experience for you, your partner and also your child when he/she sees it.

For Daddy-to-be:

So hey, you are going to be a “Papa”…yipeee! It must be an emotional experience for you too. As a father, the society expects you to be responsible, disciplined, to be the bread-winner and protector as well. With all these stressors and pressures, still you have a whole lot of heart-rendering experiences and happy moments waiting for you. Here’s what you can do to buffer yourself up for your beloved and your kid:

  1. Get yourself mentally prepared for the big change or transition from a partner to a father.
  2. You can join online forum for fathers-to-be to learn more and share your concerns too.
  3. Spend as much time with your beloved; planning surprises, pregnancy dating, etc will help you uplift your spirits of parenthood and strengthen your relationship too.
  4. Take proper care of your health too. Sleep well, eat well.
  5. Managing your financing, baby-proofing your house is a good and wise way of planning for the journey of life ahead.
  6. If you feel you are not ready for it yet or are stuck up with some past issues/present concerns…then try talking to someone who can help you out or seek professional assistance.

Remember, you are the one who is the entire world to your partner and baby. So feel good, feel proud and spread love too.

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.
Henry Ward Beecher 


Best wishes and lots of baby-dust on you!