Confused by reading the title??? Psycho-diagnostics is nothing but the way through which psychologists diagnose different mental health problems. Either you or your loved one have a mental health issue or you are keeping good health. Both ways a sound knowledge of psycho-diagnostics is going to help you. Today, we are faced with varied situations and challenges. Starting from conception to education, examination to recruitment. Everywhere psycho-diagnostic tools are used. Some common examples are at a psychologist’s clinic, during a personal interview, in an educational/career counseling session, and so on.

Psycho-diagnostic tools are prepared by highly qualified and experienced personnels in the field of psychology. They are allowed for clinical and non-medical use after intensive and extensive research on their reliability, standardization, validity, usability, whether it adheres to a certain cultural norm or not and many such important factors. Based on their nature and usability the time to administer them varies.

Psychological testing or psycho-diagnostics can be used for multiple purposes. Some of them are:

Uses of Psycho-diagnostics:

  • In medical settings for assessing behavioral and emotional problems
  • For mental health issues
  • While performing in an interview or test
  • In organizational settings
  • In forensics and insurance
  • Educational or school environment

Starting from simple paper-pen tests to machine-tests like CT-Scan, PET-Scan….Do you know psychological tests are of various kinds? See below for the multitude of psycho-diagnostic tests are in use in today’s era:

1. IQ/Achievement Tests

These tests test and quantify your intelligence and ability in various tasks/fields.

2. Aptitude Test

Whether you have an aptitude or propensity in a certain field – aptitude tests measure this.

3. Employment Test

These tests are widely used in employment settings. Often they assess your behavior, cognitive skills, and personality.

4. Neuropsychological Test

These are the ones that are designed to test your brain’s functioning, neurological functioning, etc

5. Personality Test

As the name suggests, personality tests measure your personality functioning, type of personality, personality deficits or disorders, and the like

6. Objective Test

Objective tests have definite responses and are often in true/false format.

7. Projective Tests

They mostly come in the form of pictures and are meant to reflect your sub-conscious mind. Projective tests help a clinician in assessing the deeper roots of your problems/symptoms.

8. Sexological tests

These tests are used to look into the sexological issues, discomfort, problem or dysfunction pertaining to the sexological aspect of an individual.

As you have seen above, there are wide array of psycho-diagnostic tools available today. Either they are used for medical/pathological or treatment purposes or they are used for assessment in various settings. We at have highly standardized, reliable and valid online psychological tests for various aspects of mental health and daily life functioning. If you or your near and dear ones are facing any of the below mentioned issues, then you can easily take the free online tests. However, for a final diagnosis a validation by our therapist or clinician is necessary. This will help ensure the clinical/medical or scientific nature of your presenting problem/symptom.

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