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Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

By |2022-09-02T13:10:16+02:00August 29th, 2022|Categories: Everyday tips, Mental Health, Personal development, Wellness|

Have you ever experienced emotions combined with physical symptoms?  You may be experiencing what is known as mind-body connection!  In this article, we are going to explore what exactly mind-body connection is, ways to get in tune with our mind-body connection, and strategies to improve the connection! What is the Mind Body Connection? Mind-body [...]

The Psychology Behind Affirmations

By |2022-09-02T13:19:38+02:00August 7th, 2022|Categories: Adults, CBT, Everyday tips, Mental Health, Personal development, Wellness|

Have you ever heard of or tried the practice of affirmations?  Affirmations, or to affirm oneself through positive statements, is becoming an increasingly popular action in people’s self-care routines.  In addition, affirmations can help counter negative emotional experiences, such as self-doubt and anxiety. But why are affirmations so popular?  For some, on a surface [...]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome at Work

By |2022-09-02T13:25:29+02:00July 20th, 2022|Categories: Adults, Anxiety, Everyday tips, Mental Health, Personal development, Wellness|

What is Imposter Syndrome? Do you feel like you landed your promotion at work due to luck rather than skill?  Or that at any moment your boss is going to discover that you’re a fraud?  If so, then you’re not alone. This common experience, first brought to light in 1978, is called Imposter Syndrome and [...]

Simple Summer Practices for Self-Care

By |2022-06-20T19:39:45+02:00June 20th, 2022|Categories: Everyday tips, Mental Health, Personal development, Stress, Wellness|

The weather is warming, the days are longer…yep!  It is summer again!  How does the Summer make you feel?  With the change in season comes new opportunities to practice self-care.  From capitalizing on daylight to taking stock of seasonal produce, we have you covered! In this article, we will discuss self-care strategies that are specific [...]

How to Utilize CBT for Social Anxiety

By |2022-09-02T13:44:45+02:00April 23rd, 2022|Categories: Adults, Anxiety, CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mental Health, Panic attack, Personal development, Phobia, Social Anxiety|

We all have our moments where we find ourselves feeling anxious in social situations. Social anxiety may be brought on by the social situation, such as meeting a significant other's family for the first time. It also can be due to the people you find yourself surrounded with, such as new groups of individuals [...]

How to Create and Reach Personal Goals

By |2022-09-02T13:56:07+02:00April 5th, 2022|Categories: Everyday tips, Personal development, Wellness|

I hear people talk constantly about different goals they have for themselves, yet they express difficulty achieving these goals. These desires may be to read a book every week of the year, to lose weight, or to cut down on spending. For far too many people these goals end in disappointment, not for lack [...]

Finding Hope in Uncertainty

By |2022-03-23T16:29:53+02:00March 26th, 2022|Categories: Adults, Alternative Therapy, CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Everyday tips, Kids, Mental Health, Personal development, Wellness|Tags: |

Introduction to Uncertainty The topic of uncertainty can feel overwhelming at the mere mention of the word.  Anxiety-provoking, the word “uncertainty” leaves a sour taste of confusion and sometimes even feelings of helplessness. Philosophers, psychologists, and artists alike will use the topic of uncertainty as a core topic in their work. Yet, despite the scary [...]

Setting Boundaries in Addiction Recovery Using CBT

By |2022-03-14T19:30:21+02:00March 19th, 2022|Categories: Adults, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mental Health, Personal development, Treatment|

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and, really, a healthy life. Setting and sustaining boundaries is a skill. Alcohol and substance use addiction recovery can be a long and challenging journey. If you are reading this and you are currently on that journey, I would love to take some time and provide you with some [...]

Dos and Don’t on How to Self-Care

By |2022-03-07T23:22:46+02:00March 8th, 2022|Categories: Adults, Everyday tips, Personal development, Wellness|Tags: , , |

You are worthy of self-love. Many of us have heard that self-care is important and that we need to make it a priority.  Yet, what about when we have busy schedules and lifestyles?  What about for the parents, the caregivers, the people who work long shifts or multiple jobs?  Let’s face it, life gets busty [...]

6 Signs of Enmeshment & What to Do

By |2022-02-28T21:06:23+02:00March 2nd, 2022|Categories: CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Everyday tips, Mental Health, Parenting, Personal development, Relationships|

What is Enmeshment? As relational beings, we have the core desire to love and be loved. This desire is inherently GOOD, but certain factors can cause this desire to become distorted. One way love and connection can become distorted is through enmeshment. Enmeshment is when the lives of two or more people become so intertwined [...]

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