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Speech Anxiety and its Treatment Options

By |2018-09-04T17:17:40+02:00February 15th, 2015|Categories: Anxiety, Speech Anxiety|

Hi all! Hope you are doing well. Today we will be discussing about the treatment options available for speech anxiety. Do you know what speech anxiety is? Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of speaking in public or speaking in general. The term Glossophobia is derived from the Greek word “γλῶσσα glōssa” meaning tongue and [...]

Public Speaking Made Easy – Do’s and Don’ts

By |2017-03-15T18:38:11+02:00August 29th, 2014|Categories: Personal development, Speech Anxiety|

“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” - Alexander Gregg But, how is it possible? Public speaking is one of the worst fears that people face other [...]

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