Panic attack

Panic attack

A panic attack is certainly not welcome. Once it comes it takes a toll on you and makes your life horrible. Though it only lasts for a few moments, these moments can become the most difficult moments of your life. That is why it is very necessary to know about some major techniques to prevent and manage panic attacks. If you are someone who wants to know more about panic attacks, who is suffering from it or who’s loved one is struggling with it…then this blog post is meant for you.

A panic attack is a sudden onset of intense anxiety and panic episode. It is often accompanied by high anxiety levels and physiological problems like palpitations, shortness of breathe and nervous breakdown, trembling, shaking, etc. Whenever it strikes, it can be too overwhelming to handle. Here are some important proactive tips on how to  prevent or deal with panic attacks:

  •  An early diagnosis and timely treatment can help a lot in developing a chronic panic attack. When you start feeling overly anxious over a long period of time or if you feel panicky over small things, do not neglect it. Seek the help of a psychiatrist or a psychologist as soon as possible.
  •  Do not let your potential problems overpower you. Of course, there are times when situations become too hard to bear. This is quite natural and happens with almost everyone. When you face such situations in life, try not to freak out. Try to stay as calm as possible. Take your own time to come over it. Do not leave it remain unresolved since the same issue or similar issue may keep on haunting you over and over again.
  •  Maintain healthy eating habits, exercise regime and lifestyle. A daily workout, walk, balanced diet, meditation, massage, stress management, hobbies, relaxation can go a long way in helping you prevent or manage panic attacks.
  •  Yoga, meditation, massage, alternative therapies (color therapy, aroma therapy, etc), music therapy, breathing exercises can help a lot in this too.
  •  Try to abstain from alcohol and drugs as much as possible. If that is not possible then, try taking alcohol within the safe drinking limits.
  •  Certain medicines lead to anxiety and panic attacks. So whenever you get any medical condition, do not self-medicate or resort to taking over-the-counter pills. Always consult a doctor for your ailments and also remember to enquire about its possible side-effects. It is always wise to share all your problems, allergies in detail with your Doctor.
  •  Journal writing (diary writing), time management, proper planning and execution of work or things, staying in a clean environment are also important to avoid unnecessary anxiety and panic attack.
  •  Do not run away from your fears or problems. Always learn to accept your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths. Try to challenge your weaknesses, face your fears and tackle your problems strongly. Believe in yourself and your potentialities. There is no problem without a solution. You just need to strike it off in the right manner and at the right time. So rather than fearing the problem, avoiding it or crying over it, learn to resolve it positively and effectively.

What to do during a panic attack:

  1. Loosen all tight clothing first.
  2. Try to go to an open place where you can have plenty of fresh air.
  3. Take deep breaths again and again.
  4. Have a list of phone numbers (family, friends or relatives, doctor, ambulance, etc), as emergency numbers whom you or people around you can easily and quickly contact.
  5. Try to distract your mind from the attack to some other positive thought. Doing this can be next to impossible during an attack. But, if you force or push yourself to do this, you will yourself see the positive change.
  6. If you are on medication, then always keep your medicines ready with you as a SOS help during distressing times.
  7. See a therapist as soon as you can.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks can be managed properly if you are well-informed about them and if you know the right things to do under the influence of an anxiety or panic episode.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Best Wishes,