Emotions play an integral part in the sun and shade of your life. If you are emotionally strong then no one and nothing can disturb or defeat you in the crossroads of life. However, if you are emotionally weak, then probably you may encounter innumerable problems day in and day out.

Your emotions are thus, the gateways to your happiness or sadness, peace or feelings of agitation, positivity or negativity in general. How is your emotional world then? Are you emotionally strong or weak? Are your emotions healthy or need improvisations? Take the test below to find out ad explore your emotional world:

Test your emotional world

  • Do you consider yourself as being emotionally sensitive?
  • How would you relate yourself: Emotional or easy-going?
  • Do your friends or relatives call you “an emotional fool”?
  • How do you react when you see a negative event in front of you: Do you get hurt easily? Do you burst into tears? Or do you hold yourself strong?
  • What is your problem-solving strategy: Do you tend to use your heart or mind more? Do you look into emotional descriptions or practical solutions?
  • What do you like more:  natural scenery or a logical word-game?
  • What do you like to do when you are alone: Would you like to listen to some soft, soothing music, or go partying with your friends?
  • Do you enjoy being alone or do you like to be around people?
  • How do you sleep: Do you like to sleep in your own free style or do you like cuddling a pillow or a soft toy?
  • Do you consider yourself as being an introvert or an extrovert?
  • How would you describe yourself: Calm, quite or excited and full of energies?

Psychologists say that if you consider yourself to be an emotional person, if you are sensitive towards your feelings and surroundings, if you like soothing music and staying isolated… Then you are an emotional person. If you like to cuddle up a pillow or soft toy while sleeping, if you can easily get hurt or burst into tears, if you are calm-quite-introverted and like natural sceneries… Then also you tend to be quite emotional.

Being an emotional or emotionally sensitive person has its own positive aspects. The depth and clarity of your emotional can adorn you with many positive and higher values of life. Your emotions and their abundance can make you pure-hearted, loving and caring, philosophical, understanding, empathetic and sincere. However, at times people may take undue advantage of your emotions and goodness. So, you need to beware of it and see that you are emotionally safe.

On the other hand, if your emotional strength is higher, if you are a practically oriented person and live life through your mind rather than your heart, then you have amazing strength, energies and vitality. You tend to have excellent planning – coordination – decision-making skills. You tend to be attention-seeking at times. And you have top-notch leadership qualities too. Your emotional strength and practical approach makes you a leader and helps you to help people who need your support.

Therefore, folks!!! Emotions have an extraordinary potentiality to give shape and direction to your life. The more emotionally healthy you are, the happier you will be. Emotional health is very necessary for all-round development in life. Your emotional world in a way defines you and your entity.

The world of emotions is sensitive, beautiful and is filled with astonishing life-changing potentials. The more you know about your emotions and the effectively you handle them… The easily you will be propelled towards overall sense of health, happiness, success, peace, contentment and well-being!!!