As a CBT therapist, one of the core therapy inputs I prescribe my clients is the “Journal Writing Method”. Almost all of us do some kind of scribbling, writing, doodling in our daily lives. However, many of you won’t know the right way of journal writing or diary writing. Some write for a passion, some right out of creativity, while some write in order to shed their emotions out.


From a therapeutic point of view, journal writing has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • It acts as a vent for pent-up emotions
  • It initiates clarity of expression
  • It helps in self-recognition, rejuvenation and motivation
  • It improves memory, concentration and eye-hand coordination
  • It helps release negative energies, negative thoughts and maladaptive cognitive processes.

Method of Journal Writing:

If you are someone who likes innovative ways of expressing your emotions, you can maintain a journal that is filled with creative pictures, photos, poems and so on. You can use the pen-paper mode here. However, if you are someone who likes to maintain your privacy…you can opt for the online mode of journal writing.

Write about anything and everything that comes to your mind or creating negative/positive state in your mind. This step acts as a vent to the pent-up emotions or feelings within you and makes your mind lighter.

Write about the most important thing that has been running in your mind throughout the day. It could be a long lost memory, or any situation created in the present day, about a remark by a person. Anything that tends to disturb or excite your mind throughout.

We should try to fix any unresolved issue of the day related to any person or situation. Because if it lingers for a longer time, then we will be literally churned by it time and again. Therefore it is always wise to resolve the issue then and there. If the issue is not resolved or if its next to impossible to resolve then the mental blockage related to it should be taken out of the mind immediately. Thats why while diary entry you need to write down the mental block related to the unresolved issue.

The next stage is to write about your long term and short term plans = things you want to achieve or want to happen. Make strategic plans to achieve you goals , both short and long-term.

Write words of praise for yourself and celebrate even the smallest accomplishment / success of the day.

Journal writing, if done on a regular basis, can have immensely positive effects. No matter how busy you are, how tired you are or how emotionally broken down you are… Just take some “me” time for you and jot down some lines. You will see a positive difference.

So folks, keep writing and stay fit.

Best Wishes,