What is the Purpose of Wear It Purple Day?

Wear It Purple is an organization that was originally founded in 2010. The inspiration was a response to stories of teenagers taking their own lives due to bullying and harassment in regard to their sexuality or gender identity. The organization aims to create supportive, safe, inclusive, and empowering environments for LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc.) youth. The event takes place each year on August 25th.

Key Focus Areas of Wear It Purple Day


Wear it Purple provides resources and support to schools, universities, Gender & Sexuality Alliances (GSA) and youth organizations. They assist these groups in creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ youth. They also encourage and assist in the effective delivery of Wear It Purple Day in education settings and workplaces.


The organization provides opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to develop their social skills, expand their network, and contribute to inclusivity within their own communities.


This group provides safe and supportive spaces to LGBTQ+ youth both virtually and physically. They aim for individuals to feel proud of their identity.


Finally, this group collaborates with organizations to further the inclusion of LGBTQ+ youth. Through these collaborations and partnerships, they support the effective delivery of Wear It Purple Day in educational settings and workplaces.

Wear It Purple Day

Wear it Purple Day started as an event for schools and universities

How to Participate in Wear It Purple Day

Participating at school

Wear It Purple Day all began as a school-based event. The organization encourages students to plan this event at their own school. In order to plan the event at school, they want to encourage students to:

  • Get approval and support from the principal of the school.
  • Get support from peers and faculty.
  • Register for the event through the Wear It Purple website.
  • Order the ‘free school pack’ through the Wear It Purple website.
  • Host a school assembly in the days or weeks leading up to the event, in order to explain the purple and encourage students and staff to wear something purple on the event date.
  • Encourage students and staff to donate towards Wear It Purple Day.
  • Host a bake sale, concert, assembly, or other event to celebrate the day.
  • Request any openly LGBTQ+ individuals to present on the day of the event to share their story, if they feel comfortable doing so.

Participating at work

  • Get approval and support from managers, supervisors, human resources, and the CEO.
  • Register for the event through the website.
  • Purchase a ‘workplace pack’ through the Wear It Purple website.
  • Send out an email or speak at a staff meeting to explain the event and encourage participation on the event date.
  • Encourage staff to donate to the organization.
  • Plan an event for the day of, such as breakfast or a staff lunch.
  • Request any openly LGBTQ+ staff members to share their stories if they feel comfortable1.

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