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Healthy Habits to Manage Weight

By |2017-03-15T18:57:57+02:00September 2nd, 2014|Categories: Everyday tips, Weight Loss|

No one wants to look plumpy or too skinny, right? We all want to look just fab!!! The word that is trending today is “healthy look”. But, how does one manage to stay healthy and look perfect? I think this question must have puzzled your mind too. Weight management is an art. If you have [...]

Weight Management through Yoga Nidra

By |2017-03-15T18:42:45+02:00June 14th, 2014|Categories: Sleep, Weight Loss|

This week let us take time to relax and tap our subconscious mind. There are many techniques for relaxation and healing. One of the best techniques is Yoga Nidra. It is also known as Yogi Sleep. Did you know Yoga Nidra can take you to the deepest realms of relaxation by helping you stay conscious [...]

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