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About Me

hi. i have been working with people as a professional for over 30 years. i worked as a social worker with many different populations as well as in private practice. people who come to see me are suffering from mental, emotional or psychological stress and anxiety and we look together for a way to deal with these issues in order to be able to continue and even thrive. i have been on radio and have spoken at international conferences on stress and how we react to it.

my experience includes people who have suffered from many different issues:
personal, professional, relationship or others

many people suffer from anxiety or depression. they can come from specific events or just a slow build-up of pressure over the years to the point where it becomes difficult to bear.
it can impact on functioning in different areas of our lives including work, marriage, parenting or even just a general sense of emotional health. together we work towards building a happier, more fulfilling life which even you must believe is possible (otherwise, you wouldn't be here :)...).

some people invest much time and energy in their work. they expect to see results of their labor whether in advancement in pay, status, responsibility or simple recognition. they want to feel that work is worthwhile. when it is not, they can experience extreme frustration and disappointment. it becomes difficult when these feelings accompany the person throughout the day. in sessions we look for alternative methods to create the best atmosphere for you with your career dreams taken into account. i have most recently

many people feel that this is the most important area of their lives - and the most difficult.
the need to always have to take someone else into account can be a source of strength or anxiety. the focus on working within the relationship while retaining your self is a focus of the therapy that is essential and leads to a better sense of how this relationship works (or doesn't work) for you.

i have been writing a weekly blog on different aspects of life and how we deal with it in a positive healthy way. it is in conjunction with the weekly bible reading and provides insight into ourselves. have a look at logoParsha on my website.

whether empty nest syndrome. same sex attraction, hospitalization or other events, contact me to think together what would be the right course of action for you to regain control of your life and be on your way to a happier, more fulfilling life.

My Contact Information
42a Beitar St.
jerusalem, 44855

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My Credentials
Credential type: Certificate
Type: Clinical logotherapist
Accrediting Institution: Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy
Certificate ID/Number: 15904352
Year Issued: 2011
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality
Children & Teens
Chronic Pain
Eating & Food Disorders
Sleep or Insomnia
Social Anxiety
existential vacuum, search for meaning
Cognitive Therapy
Emotionally Focused
Existential Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Therapy I offer:
Physical Facility
My Languages:

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