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Gary DeVine is a professional counselor, licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, insured, and credentialed by multiple insurance companies and EAP's. Gary earned a Bachelor or Arts degree in Bible and Theology from Gordon College, Magna cum laude, in 2001. He then earned a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2006.

Gary worked for the Wyoming Department of Corrections, and then Joseph J. Peters Institute, providing group sex offender treatment. He worked for CAB Health & Recovery, treating people with addictions. Gary has helped clients in prisons, partial hospitals, nursing homes and group homes. He was trained to use Motivational Interviewing, Rogerian, Sex Offender, Mindfulness, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies.

Today, Gary serves clients at DeVine Interventions Group LLC, in the Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. He utilizes best practices, according to outcome studies and other research. Gary is holistic in his approach, understanding from the research, that both the spirit and the body affect the psyche; the health of each of the three will impact the other two. Care for the body and care for the spirit are encouraged, however, his role is to address the psyche, and not usurp the role clergy or doctor.

Gary's orientation is faith-based. Christian clients are encouraged to leverage their faith to overcome adversity. Non-Christian clients are encouraged to explore their own strengths, and leverage these in their effort to get well, but also encouraged to nurture their spirit through self-identified spiritual practices.

As an example, a client remembered that when she was younger, she volunteered her time, working with kids. She also said that she used to play guitar. She remember how much satisfaction she got from these activities. The next week, she announced that she had unpacked her guitar and was playing again, and how wonderful it was. This nurtures the spirit. As for volunteering, she felt that she wasn't ready for this yet, and Gary respected her decision.

In another example, a client was addicted to opioids, but didn't feel that Narcotics Anonymous was a good fit for her. Gary utilized Motivational Interviewing and evidenced-based practice to address her addiction, but she also confronted anxiety with her faith. She returned to church and found much needed support from her congregation, while continuing her work in therapy.

Please pardon the long explanation. Not many therapist give attention to the whole person, so it seemed wise to give a fuller explanation of this orientation, an orientation that respects each person as a whole person, and as persons knowing what is best for themselves.

In summary, Gary has helped hundreds of clients utilizing Rogerian psychotherapy, along with evidenced-based practices, such as CBT and Mindfulness. But he also is faith-based, which has proven to take his client's further in their pursuit of wellness and wholeness.

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5767 Greene Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19119
United States

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Credential type: License
Type: Licensed Professional Counselor
License State: Pennsylvania
License Number: PC007555
License Expiration: 2/2021
Status: Verified
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ADHD & Attention Issues
Anger Management
Bipolar Disorder
Health Anxiety
Panic Attack
Relationship Issues
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Social Anxiety
Christian Counseling
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