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About Me

Hi, I'm Himani.

I am a professionally qualified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, having completed my training from WPF Therapy in London, U.K. Since 2006, I have been in the field of mental health completing various educational degrees and trainings related to psychology/counseling. I then went on to do a specialist training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I have worked in various countries and completed several years of personal therapy.

I am of Indian origin and based in Belgium. With my international background and diverse experience, I have an appreciation for each individual and their unique stories. I provide a safe and confidential space for each individual. Through talking therapy, wherein you may talk freely about whatever comes to your mind, without judgment, we enter your inner world. In time, meaning is made of it all. In thinking about the whole of you, which includes your childhood experiences, we try to understand your self better. As you understand yourself in a more deeper way, your external world improves, including your relations to others. Physical health symptoms may also be eradicated through this process as we try to understand the root cause of it all.

This process takes time. Each individual embarks on a personal journey that cannot be determined beforehand. Therein, the ending is open-ended. This means you may decide the ending whenever suitable for you with some notice, so that we can work towards a fulfilling ending.

Talking therapy helps you reach your inner potential.

My Contact Information
Desguinlei 90, Apt 15R
Antwerp,  2018

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My Credentials
Credential type: Diploma/Degree
Type: Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
Accrediting Institution: WPF Therapy
Diploma/Degree Type: Post-Graduate Diploma with License
Year Issued: 2019
Status: Verified
Credential type: Membership
Type: Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
Accrediting Institution: UKCP
Membership ID/Number: 2011172785
Year Issued: 2019
Status: Verified
Credential type: Membership
Type: Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
Accrediting Institution: ABP-BVP
Membership ID/Number: 0698.772.360
Year Issued: 2020
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Children & Teens
Chronic Pain
Depression (Postnatal)
Eating & Food Disorders
Family Issues
Health Anxiety
Marriage Issues
Panic Attack
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Sleep or Insomnia
Social Anxiety
All concerns are welcome.
Individual Therapy
Psychoanalytic Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Therapy I offer:
Physical Facility
My Languages:

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