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About Me

I am a psychologist and sextherapist focusing on female pleasure and empowerment - working with women only.

My mission is to help them reconnect with their natural ability to experience pleasure, to receive it as well as give to themselves. To hold the space for them to explore, get to know and to feel confident in their own bodies, to enjoy and express their femininity.
To let go of shame around their sexuality, of past conditioning that is keeping them from expressing themselves - emotionally, mentally, physically.

Male sexuality is still the norm. Although we live in times of huge cultural shifts leading to massive structural changes regarding gender equality, certain norms, beliefs and behaviours are still shaping our everyday lives.
So many women are living their sexuality and pleasure just around the needs and wants of men.
Focusing on their partner's pleasure only, they miss their own experience. By missing it also unable to enjoy it, this dynamic leads to lack of arousal, symptoms like vaginal dryness, inaility to orgasm

I am guiding women from focusing only on their partner's experience or what they think their experience should look or feel like, back to their own actual experience, their sensations, THEIR pleasure.

My Contact Information
Berlin, Berlin  10713

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My Credentials
Credential type: Diploma/Degree
Type: Psychologist & Sextherapist
Accrediting Institution: University of Vienna
Diploma/Degree Type: Masters Degree (Psychology)
Year Issued: 2017
Status: Verified
Credential type: Diploma/Degree
Type: Sextherapy
Accrediting Institution: Institute of Relationship Dynamics Berlin
Diploma/Degree Type: Sextherapist
Year Issued: 2019
Status: Not verified
My Therapy Approach
Sex & Sexuality
Therapy I offer:
Physical Facility
My Languages:

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