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Lisa Brandi

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I'm an upbeat, compassionate, solution-focused, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 13 years experience helping individuals achieve their mental health and happiness goals. I honor everyone's experience and goals as their own and believe everyone has the potential to heal and find happiness. Let me lend you a helping hand, offer you the latest wellness information and evidenced-based treatment options, and the hope and compassion to get you where you want to be.

Did you know? Email therapy is easier than you think. It can be as effective as in-person therapy, and is quite cost-effective. Think of it as having an intelligent and caring journal that writes you back. For more information, please click on my Website link to the left. Inquiries and initial consultations are always no cost and no obligation.

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4 Chestnut Pl
Medford, New York 11951
United States

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