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About Me

In your life, have you ever had any experience that was so frightening, horrible, or upsetting that, in the past month, you:

1. Have had nightmares about it or thought about it when you did not want to?
2. Tried not to think about it or went out of your way to avoid situations that reminded you of it?
3. Were constantly on guard , watchful, or easily startled?
4. Felt numb or detached from others, activities or your surroundings?
If you answered "yes" to 3 of these questions, then you're ready to embark on your journey of healing and transformation.

I have over 10 yrs of psychotherapy experience using evidence-based interventions with emphasis on helping people manage Stress/Trauma related disorders through:

-Stabilization, Resourcing & Self-Regulation
-Processing of Traumatic Memories.

I also specialize in offering therapeutic help to people who want to manage their deficiencies in core personality functions through a brief psychotherapy style.

What motives me to due this kind of work is the selfish passion to help other people who suffer from intrusive painful memories to gain more self-control and behave less destructively. My personal and professional belief: "It's OK not to be perfect and we have to own our flaws."

I'm eager to start our journey together.

My Contact Information
San Francisco, California  94116
United States

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My Credentials
Credential type: License
Type: Clinical Social Worker
License State: California
License Number: 75952
License Expiration: 6/2020
Status: Verified
Credential type: Certificate
Type: Clinical Trauma Professional
Accrediting Institution: Evergreen Certification Institute
Certificate ID/Number: 119577
Year Issued: 2020
Status: Verified
Credential type: Certificate
Type: Personality Disorder Treatment Provider
Accrediting Institution: Evergreen Certification Institute
Certificate ID/Number: 909000
Year Issued: 2020
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Anger Management
Borderline Personality
Racial Identity
Personality Disorders
Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Trauma Focused
Interpersonal Therapy
Therapy I offer:
My Languages:

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