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The fact that you are researching therapists and considering counseling takes a lot of courage. The desire to change and grow can be intimidating and may even seem undoable or overwhelming. You are here and you have taken the first step on your own and I commend you for this. With the support and guidance of a good therapist, you can take the next steps together. Whether you choose to work with me or not, the fact that you have come this far should be encouraging to you. Wherever your path takes you in this process, I wish you well and respect you for your desire to grow and improve.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over twelve years of clinical experience helping children, teens, adults and families heal, grow and move beyond where they are to where they want to be. Together, we will take the time to understand what brought you to therapy so that we can work collaboratively in a strength based, positive manner.
Though the basis of my therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioral therapy, I incorporate other empirically supported approaches tailored to each individual. The most important consideration is your desired outcomes. My approach is customized to fit your needs based on your personality type and your desired counseling goals. The entire therapeutic process is structured around you, the individual and your unique outlook on life, past experiences and current concerns.
I have an MA in professional counseling from Lindewood University, an MA in TESL (teaching English as a second language) from Southern Illinois University, and a BS in psychology from Southern Illinois University. I am the co-founder and clinical director of the nonprofit organization, Multicultural Counseling and Research Center in St. Louis, Missouri where I not only provide counseling services but coordinate counseling, educational, and tutoring services for clients from a multitude of different backgrounds and nationalities. I also supervise and train internship students and provisionally licensed professional counselors (PLPCs) who are working towards becoming fully licensed therapists. I am a member of the University of Missouri, St. Louis, mental health advisory committee and the State of Missouri, Department of Mental Health human rights committee.
I have provided counseling and mental health services in a variety of settings, including traditional in office therapy, in home therapy for children, teens and families, in-patient psyche units, habilitation centers and less formal placement settings for the intellectually challenged, juvenile detention centers, schools and college campuses. I worked for the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health for over fifteen years and for a variety of other community mental health organizations. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Illinois and Missouri. I have training in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma based therapy, mindfulness based therapy, and multicultural therapy. I am a Certified Employee Assistance Provider and a Substance Abuse Professional.
I work with children and teens who are having at adjustment issues at home or school, experiencing depression and anxiety or who may have experienced a traumatic event and are struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may be withdrawn, fearful, sad or hopeless. If they have traumatic history, they may be reliving the traumatic event, be fearful of certain places or situations, have sleep problems or anger outbursts. I strive to build report with the child or teen so the healing process can begin by helping them change their thought processes which will in turn improve their mood and behavior.

I have an extensive background and experience working with international communities and have over thirteen years of experience working with the largest refugee resettlement organization in the state of Missouri, where I taught English and Citizenship classes to people from over 40 different countries. Teaching citizenship classes was particularly rewarding as I was able to play a role in a very important period of their lives. Many described becoming a US citizen as a high water mark for them, nearly as important as the births of their children, marriage, or their first day in America after immigrating. I will never forget the citizenship ceremonies I attended and seeing my students stand proudly before the judge and taking the Oath of Allegiance, an allegiance that we studied and recited many times in our citizenship classes. Their joy and gratitude resonates with me still.
I am also a life coach specializing in acculturation issues. I work with individuals who have relocated from their country or origin and may be experiencing some issues in regards to adjusting to their new culture which may take the form of culture shock. I work with people who have relocated for a variety of reasons, but those that most often come to me for coaching are international students who may not have been fully prepared for university life in the U.S., or wherever they may be studying. Even eighteen year olds born in the U.S. sometimes experience a type of culture shock when they newly arrive at a large university for their freshman year, being on their own for the first time. Imagine how this is compounded for international students who not only have to adjust to the subculture of university campus life, but to the entirety of the new culture and language of the country where they are studying. My coaching approach supports such students during their adjust period and beyond. Another group that comes to me for coaching are spouses who relocated to another country when their husband or wife chose to work or study abroad. Sometimes they were a little reluctant to take the plunge with their spouse and begin to feel isolated or limited in some way in their new living environment. My coaching approach can support and facilitate cultural adjustment in these individuals.

Your privacy is of the upmost importance to me and I abide by the strictest of HIPPA regulations as it applies to on line therapy practices. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process and whatever is discussed will be held in confidence, by law. Thank you for reviewing my bio and wishing you all the best on your journey.

My Contact Information
225 S. Meramec Ste 203
Clayton, Missouri  63105
United States

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My Credentials
Credential type: License
Type: Licensed Professional Counselor
License State: Missouri
License Number: 2008032510
License Expiration: 6/2021
Status: Verified
Credential type: License
Type: Licensed Professional Counselor
License State: Illinois
License Number: 178.014067
License Expiration: 3/2021
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Asperger's Syndrome
Children & Teens
Family Issues
Health Anxiety
Panic Attack
Relationship Issues
Social Anxiety
Multicultural/Bi-cultural issues
International Student Issues
Cognitive Therapy
Existential Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Individual Therapy
Life Coaching
Trauma Focused
Multicultural Counseling
Therapy I offer:
Physical Facility
My Languages:

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