Heard this name before? With changing times and advancing technologies… Smartphones like iphone / android phones and tablets / iPads are surrounding us more and more. No doubt they have made our lives easier and interesting. But, at times we get too engrossed in them that the rest of the world seems to cease for us. Gadget addiction is nothing but the use/abuse of gadgets so much that it starts negatively influencing your health and life as a whole. The worst victims of gadget addiction are children and teenagers. It’s because both of the age groups are have mind-sets that compel them to explore things around them. Some see gadgets as a mode of exploration and learning. But, for others they become sources of entertainment, resulting in addiction.

Following are some of the problems experienced due to gadget addiction:

Symptoms of Gadget Addiction

  • Lack of concentration, attention or focus
  • Memory problems and problems in decision-making
  • Headache, eye problems and backache
  • Problems in fertility due to over-exposure to the radiation or EMF (Electro magnetic field) of the gadget
  • Stress, anxiety and communication disorders
  • Other hazardous physical and psychological ailments

The worst ailment that has cropped up in the past few months is “Digital Dementia”. It is a common memory disorder that has developed due to over-use of gadgets. It targets the brain chemistry and cells, causing dementia.

Now let me tell you the alarming statistics of gadget addiction: Over the past year, the number of gadget addicts has increased has grown by 123 percent. In March 2013, the number of gadget addicts was 79 million and by the same time this year the number has increased to 176 million addicts. So, this is the alarming rate of increase in gadget addiction. No wonder, if we don’t control it, there would be a gadget addict in every household very soon. The worst victims of gadget addiction are the children and the youth. Starting from communication modes to gaming apps, they use anything and everything on a daily basis. Mobile or gadget addicts are the ones who use such things 24/7/365.

When this addiction has gone so viral, it is very necessary to get rid of it or control it before becoming an epidemic.

Tips to keep you, children and enthusiastic teens to stay away from gadget addiction

  • Keep the use of mobile phones, tablets, and to its minimum. Use only when it is necessary.
  • Do not give mobile phones and gadgets to children at a very early age.
  • When children have nothing to do or play with, they crave for gadgets. Sometimes parents also use gadgets to pacify their children. This is not right. There are other modes available too. Why not try them!
  • When you use gadgets in front of your children or if you give your gadget for them to see or explore – it should be done completely under your supervision.
  • Have a gadget time-out session in your house where no one uses it unless and until its urgent.
  • Take professional help for gadget addiction if it gets out of control.

Best wishes,