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This is not a quick-fix to just make you smile right now. You'll get all of the support and tools you need to feel better long-term.

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The most complete online therapy toolbox there is:

Qualified Therapist

Your personal therapist will be by your side - from start to finish. Guiding you to a happier you via the sections, worksheets, live chat and messages. From wherever you are in the world.

Qualified Therapists
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Like chapters in an interactive book!


Each section is comprised of both reading material and practical hands-on tools and includes all of the information you need to identify, challenge and overcome your problems.


In each section, there are several worksheets. In each worksheet you will answer questions and get valuable hands-on tools and tips from your therapist.

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Live Chat
Get instant support and feedback through the chat!

Live Chat

Each week you have access to 30 minutes live chat with your therapist. This is a perfect opportunity to get instant guidance and support.


In addition to communicating with your therapist through the worksheets and the live chat, you can always send a message to your therapist with any questions or thoughts.

Whatever’s on your mind, just send a message!
Helps you to start and end your day on a good note!


This easy-to-use journal helps you to start and end your day in a more positive way. You will soon notice a big difference in your attitude towards yourself and life by just writing a few notes each morning and evening.

Activity Plan

This is where you add and schedule the things that will add extra light into your life! The activity plan also serves as a written agreement with yourself and greatly increases the chances of you carrying out your plans!

Activity Plan
Our happiness philosophy: do something each day that brings you joy!
Check out the intro video with our yoga teacher Petra


The latest addition to our ”happiness-toolbox”! These simple videos are perfect when you need help coping with your depression, anxiety, stress and need an instant boost of gratitude and happiness.

We’ve helped thousands getting happier since 2009!

"I'm really being helped by this program and by my therapist, Maggie Sweet. I must thank you sincerely for being here for me. I think enrolling for this therapy has been one of the best things I have ever done." Kim R

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Complete Toolbox

We’re just not like other therapy websites! You get all the tools and support you need to be happier - now and in the future.

Top Quality Therapy

Based on proven, well-researched treatments drawn from CBT. Our therapists are qualified with a wide range of credentials.


Your therapist is here for you whenever needed, Monday-Friday. Paying way less than you would do with a face-to-face therapist.

Anonymous & Private

We respect your privacy! There is no risk of exposing yourself face-to-face in the therapist's office or in the waiting room.

Secure & Confidential

All of your information is of course saved anonymously on our secure server, where only you and your therapist can access it.

Accessible & Time-saving

No hassle with traveling or keeping an appointment. Get help from wherever you are in the world. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Get life-changing support from the comfort of your sofa!

How does it actually work?


Choose your areas of concern to get matched with your therapist.


Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs, starting at just $31.96/week (20% discount first month).


Get instant access to your online therapy program including sections, worksheets, diary, activity plan and much more.


Start communicating with your therapist through worksheets, messages and live chat.


With the help of the tools and the support of your therapist you will start getting happier, day by day.

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3. I don't feel that I'm in control of my body and my mind.
4. I feel stressed and tense.
5. I experience mood swings. My mood and behavior are unstable.
6. I feel anxious and often experience racing thoughts.
7. I constantly worry.
8. I feel like there is nothing I can do to stop the worrying, even though I know my thoughts are irrational.
9. I only see the negative aspects of things.
10. I'm afraid of what awaits me in the future.
11. I have feelings of hopelessness, thinking that my situation will never change.
12. I feel overwhelmed.
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A therapy platform based on science

All of our programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is based on the idea that your thoughts are what cause your feelings and behaviors, not external stimuli like people, situations and events.

CBT is one of the most commonly used methods for treating mental problems and studies show that online therapy based on CBT is just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy.

CBT Online

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