How it works

Our whole operation is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is one of the most commonly used psychotherapeutic approaches for treating mental health problems. CBT helps you to identify, challenge and overcome your dysfunctional thoughts, behavior and emotions.

By signing up to our services you will have full access to our online therapy program tailored to your specific needs with easy-to-follow information and hands-on tools. This includes daily contact with your therapist (Monday-Friday), tests to see your progress, access to our forum and much more.

Is online therapy for me?

All our programs are:

Evidence-based - based on proven, well-researched treatments drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Read more »
Qualified & experienced therapists - our therapists have a wide range of credentials (academic degrees, licenses or certifications). Margaret Sweet, the head of our therapists, has together with the team helped thousands of people overcome their difficulties. Read all reviews »
Fully supported - it's much more than just chat. Our services include the online therapy program with easy-to-follow information and tools, daily contact with your therapist (Monday-Friday), tests to see your progress, access to the forum, weekly tips on our blog and much more.
Affordable - for only $29.95 per week you will have full access to our online therapy program including daily contact with your therapist (Monday-Friday), helping and guiding you through your day-to-day issues. That is less money than you would normally pay for one face-to-face therapy session.
Accessible & time saving - no need to travel to your therapist's office. You can get help from wherever you are in the world. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Private & anonymous - no risk of exposing yourself face-to-face in the waiting room or in a therapist's office which some people feel is very unpleasant.
Secure & confidential - all your information is saved anonymously on our secure server where only you and your therapist can access it.

How do we help you get better?

We have helped thousands of people manage their difficulties and getting happier. When you sign up you get full access to our services for only $29.95 per week. This includes:

Evidence-based program with information & tools

The program consists of 8 sections which include all the support you need to identify, challenge and overcome your problems.

Each section is comprised of both reading material and practical hands-on tools like worksheets and your activity plan. These are very important parts of improving your wellbeing and will give you and your therapist the individual foundation to work from in overcoming your problems.

Evidence-based programs

Communicate daily with your personal therapist

You will have contact with your therapist through live chat, email and the worksheets in each section, where your therapist will give daily feedback on your responses.

You decide how frequently you want to work with the program but your therapist is available for daily support Monday-Friday if you need it.


Forum where you can meet others in similar situation

Our forum is a sanctuary where you can feel safe to chat anonymously, not just with other people going through the same issues as you but also with our own team of therapists whose primary motivation is to help you get better.

Forum & Test

Test to see your progress

At the beginning of your program you will complete a simple test with questions that will allow you to address and evaluate your problems, possibly for the first time. Later on in the program you will use this test as a reference point so that you can actually see the progress you have made.

Chat Email & Worksheets

Confidential, Safe & Secure

Your work is saved anonymously on our secure server using 128-bit SSL encryption where only you and your therapist can access it.

Safe & Secure

Have any questions?

Are you unsure of what program to choose or have any questions about our services? Chat with us or check our FAQ to get rid of any hesitations.