We are hiring!

Right now we are looking for new therapy practitioners to join our online therapy network! Work from home, during hours that suits you.

Why should I join the Online-Therapy.com team?


There’s no hassle with going to an office. Instead you can work with all of your clients from the comfort of your home, during hours that suits you.

Additional income

Your work at Online-Therapy.com can be a major source of income or just a supplement to your current day-to-day therapy job.

Top Quality Therapy

You’ll be using a therapy platform that is based on well-researched therapy treatments. Helping your clients via worksheets, messages and live sessions (video, voice or text chat).

No hassle

We’ll take care of acquiring clients, billing, administrations etc so that you can focus on your clients 100%.

Easy notification system

From your dashboard and email notifications you can easily see what clients are expecting your feedback and upcoming chats with clients.

Secure & confidential

All the communication is anonymously stored on our secure server, where only you and your client can access it.

HIPAA compliant with end-to-end encryption.

Note: Practitioners are not employees but independent therapy providers.

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How do I get started?


Complete the application steps, including your highest clinical license in your state(s)/country.


When your application has been approved you’ll get the necessary training to start working right away.


Choose your work hours and get matched with clients in your selected states and countries.


Start working from home (or wherever you prefer being) using our user-friendly online therapy platform!

Communicate with your clients via messaging, video, voice and text chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to join as a therapist?

Here are the requirements for registering:

  • Currently we accept applications from practitioners based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia.
  • You have CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) as therapy orientation.
  • MA, MS, MSW, Psy. or PhD in counseling, social work, clinical psychology or related mental health areas.
  • Minimum of 3 years of and/or 2000 hours of providing counselling services.
  • Professional malpractice liability insurance policy, minimum coverage limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 or similar for your country.
  • No disciplinary actions in the past 10 years.
  • US practitioners need to be licensed by a state board to provide counseling (LCSW, LMFT, LPC, PsyD or similar).
  • US practitioners need a Possession of National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number.
  • UK/Ireland practitioners need to be fully accredited with either BABCP, BACP, BPC, COSCA, IACP, NCPS, PSI, UKCP or similar.
  • Australian practitioners need to be fully accredited with either AASW, ACA, AHPRA, ARCAP, PACFA or similar.
  • Canadian practitioners need to be fully accredited with either ACSW, ACTA, BCACC, BCCSW, CCPA, CPCA, CPA, CCTNB, CRPO, NBASW, NSCCT, OCSWSSW, SASW, QCA or similar.
  • We do not accept interns or if you require supervision.
Can I register as a therapist from any country?

Currently you can register as a therapist from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia.

Is this a part-time or full-time commitment?

This can be your major source of income or just a supplement to your current job, depending on the number of clients we can provide you with and how much you can work.

Many therapists use our platform as a complement to their existing job or private practice.

Do you offer video, voice and text chats?

Yes! Live sessions are available as video, voice only and text chat.

Is this secure and confidential? Are you HIPAA compliant?


  • At Online-Therapy.com the privacy and security of your and your clients’ data is our #1 priority, and we have designed our online services to meet and exceed HIPAA guidelines
  • All communication between clients and therapists is encrypted with end-to-end best-in-class 256-bit encryption
  • All personal health information is hosted behind a 3-tiered web application, with multiple checks and controls to keep your data safe
  • All databases are encrypted at rest with industry-leading encryption
  • All audio, video and text chats between clients and therapists are end-to-end encrypted
What is the compensation? How much will I make?

The more you engage with your clients (i.e. the more time you spend on each client), the more you will get paid. You engage with your clients using live sessions (video, voice or text), the worksheets and messaging. The hourly rate increases the more hours you work and you will make $30-$70 USD per hour.

On top of that we have a $700 USD bonus for those who work more than 120 hours per month (30 hours per week). This bonus can for example be used for your health insurance.

Right now: Depending on your location, you may qualify for our $500 sign-on bonus your first month.

Note: Practitioners are not employees but independent therapy providers.