Sleep… Have you wondered about the world of sleep? Isn’t it so interesting and intriguing? It’s like everyday you go into a slumber phase of calmness, quietness, serenity and rise up in the morning with new freshness (hopefully). Sleep has tremendous health benefits. It is the time when your body and mind indulges in repairing and rejuvenating its parts. However, in today’s hectic life and lifestyle we seldom get time to sleep properly. We get so engrossed in our life that we forget to pay ample attention to our sleep-cycle, sleep hygiene and sleep regime.Some sleep to get relief from all tensions and worries. Some sleep as it is a daily routine work to be executed and some of you may be simply “Sleep Lovers” (you can sleep anywhere and any time). I always envy my one year old son when I see him in his sleep. So care-free, so tension-free, so serene…Sometimes I think “why can’t I sleep like that”! I would like to share some important sleep facts with you so that you can also make your sleep regime an effective one:

  • A normal human being requires around 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Each one of us spend almost one-third of our lives in sleeping.
  • Sleep is the “rejuvenation phase” in which your body and mind are replenished with vital energies. All the wear and tear that you experience after a day’s work, it is during sleep that all this is repaired.
  • Sleep has psychological relevance and significance. It is during sleep that you release all your tensions of the day, fulfilling your sub-conscious desires and impulses.
  • One can remain without food for several days. However, scientific research studies have shown that lack of sleep or not sleeping for a week can lead to death and detrimental physical-psychological conditions.

There are four phases of sleep

Phase 1 >

  • Beginning phase of sleep
  • Starts when you just lie down and ready to sleep
Phase 2 >
  • Light phase of sleep
  • Relaxation of muscles and other body parts occur
Phase 3 >
  • Moderately deeper level of sleep
  • Relaxed phase
Phase 4 >
  • Phase of sleep that consumes around 15-20% of total sleep time
  • Dreams occur in this phase of sleep

Though you may not have time to sleep or reflect on it, sleep has tremendous impact on your entire life-force. Without sleep, human mind and behavior would have been like an untamed horse.It would get no rest, no time to enliven up, no time to slip into rosy dreams…

Maintaining a good sleep hygiene, sleep regime is very important to lead a healthy life and experience higher order psychological boons like heightened memory, concentration, planning, decision-making and other complex cognitive processes. So friends do tune in for my next blog post on how to build a healthy sleep regime, the importance of sleep hygiene and how to achieve it and how you can optimize your sleep to reap best results of psycho-physical health.

Keep sleeping “n” keep shining…

Best Wishes,