Three ways to expand your practice online

1 Therapist Directory
2 Profile
3 Therapy Platform


A whole new way of offering your services

  • Easy A fully-supported platform that makes your online therapy business ready to go live within minutes.
  • Affordable You pay a small flat fee each month that gives you access to the whole platform.
  • Flexible You are your own boss. You fully decide how much you want to work, at what times and with which clients.
  • Accessible There is no need to travel to an office. You can help your clients from wherever you are in the world.
  • Anonymous Help people that are not comfortable with exposing themselves face-to-face in the waiting room or in a therapist's office.
  • Safe All sensitive information about you and your clients is sent using our secure and encrypted servers.
  • Complement Perfect as a complement to existing face-to-face sessions or for providing therapy to clients in remote areas.


Three different memberships to fit your needs

A simple solution to get more referrals and clients
$29.95 /month
Standard ranking position in our therapist directory
Standard content and design
Most Popular!
Perfect to get more clients and offer therapy online
$49.95 /month
Including "Featured" seal and a higher ranking position
Standard content and design
Therapy-ready content, tools and services to provide online therapy
Use the online therapy platform with up to 10 clients
The optimal solution to expand your online therapy business
$299 /month
Including "Featured" seal and a higher ranking position
Customized content and design
Customized content, tools and services to provide online therapy
Use the online therapy platform with unlimited number of clients
The content, tools and services can be customized to fit your needs

Are you missing something? You can always contact us with your request and we will be happy to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get clients?

People will find your profile page while searching the Internet, using for example Google. They can also find you when using our “Find a Therapist” service. Your clients will be the people that contact you from your profile page and that pick you as their source of help. You can, of course also use the online therapy platform with existing face-to-face clients that want to try online therapy.

Just add a client to your therapist account and the two of you can start working together within minutes.

Note that the clients that register at will be taken care of by our in-house therapists, as long as they do not specifically ask to be helped by you.

What's included in the online therapy platform?
  • 18 online therapy programs
  • Worksheets where you communicate with clients
  • Chat software to safely communicate with clients
  • Tests to monitor clients' improvements
  • Forum where your clients can meet others in a similar situation
  • Convenient payment system
  • Easy notification system
  • Always confidential, safe and secure

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Is this a part-time or full-time commitment?

This can be your major source of income or just a supplement to your current job, depending of the number of online clients you get and how much you can work.

Many therapists use our platform as a complement to their existing face-to-face therapy.

How does the free trial work?

For seven days you can explore the online therapy platform for free - both as a therapist and also through the eyes of a client. When the trial period is over, you will automatically be charged on a monthly basis. If you decide that it's not right for you, just cancel your membership with a click on a button.

Can the platform be customized to fit my existing therapy business?

With the UNLIMITED membership both the "look and feel" of the platform and the content (the programs including the worksheets) can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your existing therapy business. If you wish to integrate the secure platform on an already existing website, this can be done as well.

What are my costs?

The membership monthly fee is all that you pay. There is no fee per-client or other hidden costs. You will always have total control of your expenses when using our services.

The monthly PREMIUM membership fee is only $49.95 for full access to the online therapy platform, including being listed in our therapist directory and having a profile page.

What's my income?

What you decide to charge your clients, is totally up to you. We will never charge your clients anything.

We normally charge our clients $39.95 - $59.95 per week depending on their chosen subscription plan. The required work from our in-house therapists is posting daily feedback (Monday-Friday) on clients' worksheets and one 30 minute chat session per week.

You could use this price and workload with each client as a benchmark, but feel 100% free to adjust this depending on how much effort you put into each client.

As an example: If you have 10 clients that are active, your additional income each month after our fee is $2348.05.

Income $2398
10 clients * $59.95 * 4 weeks
Cost $49.95
PREMIUM monthly membership
NET INCOME $2348.05
How do I get paid?

For your convenience, we have arranged so that your clients can pay you through PayPal directly from your profile page. If you prefer to get paid by your clients in any other way, that is perfectly fine.

I'm I qualified to join?

In order to become listed on our website, you need at least one valid credential (license, certificate, diploma/degree or membership) that we can verify.

Need more help before signing up?

Visit our how it works page for full details or feel free to contact us by email or chat.

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