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I have been in the field of social work since 1981. I graduated with my Bachelors in Social Work from Michigan State University in 1981. Then in 1990 I attained my Masters in Social Work from Wayne State university in 1990 .In 2021 , I obtained my Licensed Oncology Social Work certification.
Prior to obtaining my MSW ,I worked at Riverside Hospital for 3 years. During my masters education field practicum, I spent nine months at Nothville Psychiatric Hospital. Upon graduation, I began my tenure working at Botsford Hospital as a Discharge Planner Emergency Room Social Worker . I remained in this role for 19 years. I then joined the Beaumont Cancer Center - Farmington Hills team as a Clinical Oncology Social Worker .
During my time in the Emergency Room, my main roles were facilitating timely referrals to alternate levels of care, coordinating travel arrangements who were between levels of care , managed a caseload of patients with diverse range of needs, provided family and patients with education for dealing with loss and psychiatric placements for patients with abuse , neglect , sexual assault . I also facilitated nursing home placements.
As a Clinical Social Worker in the Cancer Center , I completed psychosocial evaluations and needs assessments for cancer patients and famalies . I have worked with patients and their famalies to resolve interpersonal and social issues , helped approximately 1500 apply for Social Security and disability , completed FMLA paperwork for over 1000 patients . I created the social work description to include developing and teaching education programs. I formulated treatment plan strategies with multidiciplanary teams to provide comprehensive and continuo care plans. I kept treatment plans up to date with the latest intervention strategies and completed progress notes promptly . I facilitated support groups for patients and families dealing with chronic illness along with pre-grief and grief counseling to patients.and their families. in addition , I developed partnerships with community organizations to expand services and referrals. I have been a member of the Cancer Committee since 2010.
I primarily use a humanistic approach with mindfulness as a key factor in my practice. I work primarily with an underserved population. A lot of focus is on supportive talk therapy as complicated therapy approaches do not work for this population. A lot of time is spent on crisis intervention and care management . I primarily encounter depression , grief , life changes , self-esteem and stress.

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Beverly Hills, Michigan  48025
United States
My Credentials
Credential type: License
Type: Clinical Social Worker
License State: Michigan
License Number: 6801058881
License Expiration: 6/2025
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Life Changes
Self Esteem
Humanistic Therapy
Individual Therapy
Therapy I offer:
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I have never done any video therapy . I am currently looking for a position as a therapist that could work in line or in person . I have been working as an oncology social worker at a cancer center . My patients are all cancer patients or their family members .
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