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I earned my Bachelors’ degree in Social Work in 1996 and my Master’s degree in Social Work in 2002. I also have an Associate degree in Applied Science – Information Management from the Community College of the Air Force. I served 27 years in the Air National Guard and had the opportunity to help many airmen grow personally and professionally. I have more than 25 years of social work experience to include counseling, hospice, geriatric evaluation, case management, and program coordination.

I am skilled at incorporating complex multiple causation in differential diagnosis and treatment. I complete thorough psychosocial assessments in which I am evaluating the following: social history, advanced directives, spiritual/religious preferences, language/culture, barriers to care, functional status, adjustment to illness, suicidal/homicidal ideation, current mood, abuse or neglect, legal and/or financial concerns, unplanned life circumstances, cognition, grief/loss, substance use, and caregiver stress/burden.

I am passionate about helping individuals whether their primary concern be physical or mental health related. I have learned the two are often interconnected. I have experience helping clients with grief, anxiety, depression, substance use, and PTSD.

I have excellent communication skills and am passionate to help raise the awareness of mental health. So many suffer from anxiety and depression and are hesitant to seek help for various reasons. I have seen first-hand how debilitating these two illnesses can be for someone. I have also seen first-hand how effective therapy and medication management can help individuals develop effective coping skills and are able to manage their symptoms to allow them to re-engage in their lives.

I also feel privileged to be allowed to walk the intimate journey of mental health with another person. As a hospice social worker and pregnancy counselor I was allowed to be part of the most intimate parts of their lives. I also feel privileged for having had the opportunity to help those suffering from PTSD by providing an environment in which they felt safe to share their story and seek help.

I look forward to the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills through helping others to live their life to their fullest.

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Tea, South Dakota  57064
United States
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Credential type: License
Type: Certified Social Worker in Private, Independent Practice
License State: South Dakota
License Number: 2309
License Expiration: 12/2025
Status: Verified
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Social Anxiety
Cognitive Therapy
Individual Therapy
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