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Maggie (Margaret) Sweet is certified in Developing Capable People Skills, (Dowagiac, MI 1996) Certified CBT (CE Certified) for Anxiety, Depression, Personality Disorders and Essentials of CBT. 2009 - present

Maggie has studied human behavior, self-studies since childhood. Her interest began at a very young age, but it wasn't until her early twenties that she decided to become certified in Developing Capable People and continue her education in psychology. She has successfully helped thousands of people overcome a broad spectrum of mental and emotional disorders. However, her main focus is on helping people build skills and to become independent people who are capable of resolving problems effectively. Maggie has worked online since December 2009 and has successfully guided many individuals to build skills and to resolve internal conflicts.

Maggie Worked in Adult Care & Foster Care for the State of Michigan, in 2004

She has provided advice and guidance and was offered to start a program at Cass County Lewis Intermittent Program and school system in Dowagiac, Michigan. She assisted mentally challenged students with extreme mental illnesses. Maggie also offered to start her own art program to teach those with ADHD, schizophrenia, PTSD, learning disabilities, and other disorders who to cope and become effective students. She raised a child with paranoid schizophrenia, ADHD and psychosis. Maggie has dealt with children who struggled with psychopathic tendencies, OPP, ODD, intermittent explosive disorder, agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks and helped a brother who struggled with OCD.

Maggie has also assisted children and families to work through drug addictions, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, GAD, insomnia, PTSD, obsessive-jealousy, OCD and a broad spectrum of other related problems.

She has earned credits in Criminal Law, at CTU. She studied psychology at Argosy University and has earned degrees in various fields. She is primarily certified in Developing Capable People Skills, (1996) earned in Dowagiac, Michigan. And also, Certified for Anxiety Treatment, and CE CBT. She is highly recommended in her field.

About Me: I have studied psychology at Argosy University. I have also studied human behaviors most of my life, on my own. I grew up around people who struggled with psychopathy, schizophrenia, BPD, bipolar, ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic, psychosis, ODD, OCD, and many other mental illnesses. Therefore, I have first-hand experience with these conditions. I have completed various academic courses and understand the protocols and diagnoses. However, in my opinion, being around people for more than a few sessions can result in more understanding and knowledge from experience. My academic studies included Criminal Law and Psychology. I earned my Certified in 1996, in Dowagiac, Michigan. I have helped many people in my lifetime. I have worked with educators, as a parent, and as the person who had the capacity to understand mental illness. I was asked to open my own art school for the mentally challenged. I spent 30 years in therapy sessions, gain direct firsthand experience. I have assisted people with marriage counseling, and have trained in fitness and health. I am an effective problem-solver. I am the person who has the ability to assist you with identifying thoughts that cause your problems. I can then help you to build or improve your skills so that you are capable of resolving the problems effectively.

Maggie has also self-trained in fitness and health, weight training, aerobic exercise, dance aerobics, and dance. She is a survivor of PTSD!

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C-Ville, Kentucky  42718
United States

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My Credentials
Credential type: Certificate
Type: Developing Capable People Skills
Accrediting Institution: Dowagiac
Certificate ID/Number: 1996
Year Issued: 1997
Status: Verified
Credential type: Certificate
Type: Essentials of CBT
Accrediting Institution: Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Certificate ID/Number: n/a
Year Issued: 2017
Status: Verified
Credential type: Certificate
Type: CBT for Anxiety
Accrediting Institution: The Institute for Better Health (IBH)
Certificate ID/Number: n/a
Year Issued: 2018
Status: Verified
Credential type: Certificate
Type: CBT for Depression
Accrediting Institution: Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Certificate ID/Number: n/a
Year Issued: 2018
Status: Verified
Credential type: Certificate
Type: CBT for Personality Disorders
Accrediting Institution: The Institute for Better Health (IBH)
Certificate ID/Number: n/a
Year Issued: 2018
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Children & Teens
Eating & Food Disorders
Family Issues
Health Anxiety
Panic Attack
Relationship Issues
Sleep or Insomnia
Social Anxiety
Speech Anxiety
Weight Loss
Cognitive Therapy
Couples Counseling
Couples Therapy
Emotionally Focused
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy
Life Coaching
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Maggie Sweet has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars (3 reviews).

Rating: [5 out of 5 stars!]

"Maggie Sweet is an outstanding therapist. She clearly knows what she is doing, and how to treat the patient. Her level of knowledge and understanding of things and people behaviors is helping me understand my own thoughts and emotions.

Thanks Maggie


Rating: [5 out of 5 stars!]

"Maggie is one of the best therapist I have every had the pleasure of working with. Not only is this person good at her job, she is also, kind, understanding, compassionate, and while I live across the continent, I can feel this person has a genuine concern and care for me and my wellness."


Rating: [5 out of 5 stars!]

"When I am afraid, I picture Maggie standing by my side, and I don't fear anything anymore. I take Maggie with me everywhere I go that makes me feel uncomfortable. I picture Maggie there and I am Ok."


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