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Dr. Peter Sacco


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I believe in an invitational environment for therapy. All individuals should be offered the opportunity to enhance their mental health capacities, and have equal opportunity to treatment. Counselling should be a freedom and a right to pursue.

I have been a social psychologist/mental health therapist for 25 years. My original training was in CBT under Dr. Albert Ellis (my personal mentor in RET), Dr. Arnold Lazarus (BASIC ID), Gestalt training (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland), Reality Therapy (worked with Dr. William Glasser) and also clinical hypnosis training.

BESTSELLING AUTHOR/EXPERT of Anger Management (What's Your Anger Type?) used by educational institutions, private industry and government agencies for proven methods to overcome anger issues, as well as stress, and author Right Now Enough Is Enough: Overcoming Addiction.

MATTERS OF THE MIND, the former host of the popular mental health radio show heard out of Toronto, featuring leading experts in the field of mental health.

Current International Speaker & Educator for ESSENTIAL THERPAPY, and organization out of the UK that features the best experts in their fields for therapy, psychology and life coaching.

I am a published/articled social psychologist, as well as best selling author (anger management, addictions, and domestic abuse issues), and award-winning documentary producer/director (sexuality issues and peer pressure/abuse/conformity). Award winning director/producer 2021 for The Madonna Complex: Sexual Addiction.

I have been a professor of psychology in Canada for 26 years, and sought after guest speaker and guest expert on major TV networks/radio (i.e. Fox, ABC, CBC, Global TV, ESPN, etc.).

Counselling should be a welcomed privilege that should be cherished, embraced and honored, and not taken for granted, or abused. Counselling should never discriminate its ability to foster, accent and add to the knowledge base that is essential to the present, to future generations, and lastly never to forget those who were pioneers in psychotherapy, who would want the legacy of future psychotherapy to burn bright.

My Contact Information
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario  L0S1J0
My Credentials
Credential type: License
Type: Therapist
Accrediting Institution: Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation
License Number: 24661
Year Issued: 2022
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
Anger Management
Career Difficulties
Children & Teens
Domestic Violence
Family Issues
Health Anxiety
Life Changes
Marriage Issues
Panic Attack
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Sex & Sexuality
Social Anxiety
Speech Anxiety
Trauma and/or Abuse
Hypnosis or bad habits, anxiety and stress. Have had great success doing it through 40 minute video sessions.
Behavioral Therapy
Career Counseling
Christian Counseling
Cognitive Therapy
Couples Counseling
Couples Therapy
Existential Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Group Therapy
Humanistic Therapy
Individual Therapy
Life Coaching
Religious Counseling
Transactional Analysis
Therapy I offer:
Text Chat
My Languages:

Peter Sacco has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars (3 reviews).

Rating: [5 out of 5 stars!]

"Thank you"


Rating: [5 out of 5 stars!]

"First, this website was created to help people getting through difficult time and that in itself is great.

Other website offer great therapist like yours to talk to… but they lack the organized format you offer, with exercises, steps, homework (worksheet)… that is to me essential to have a sense of accomplishment, progress and be able to track and look back on what we have learned about ourself.
This combined approach of structure and therapist is my personal favorite.
Improvements: Try to have an « article » section where people can look at article that more specifically apply to them and read more, learn.


Rating: [5 out of 5 stars!]

"Dr. Sacco seems to be able to get to the root cause of different challenges and is helping me to face these head on!"


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