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My initial encounter with the realm of mental well-being sparked upon my return from a tour in Afghanistan during my service with the Army National Guard. The unsettling specter of witnessing comrades succumb to the clutches of substance dependency, despondency, and post-traumatic stress lingered in my thoughts. A solemn oath materialized within me - a commitment to attaining a vantage point from which I could extend meaningful assistance to veterans and fellow individuals navigating arduous life passages. The mantle of an addictions counselor and Social Worker became deeply entwined with my essence, a profound expression of my inner ardor.

Emerging from a background crowned by a bachelor's degree in Community Health, the seeds of aspiration rooted themselves in the aspiration to embark on a journey as a practitioner. The revelation of Social Work swept over me, an intricate tapestry woven with the threads of pursuing a Master's degree and embarking on a trajectory toward licensure. The culmination of years brought forth my well-earned designation as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a crowning achievement punctuated by five years of unyielding endeavor. A decade has gracefully unfurled as I've traversed the landscapes of mental health and addiction, imprinting my mark.

Commencing my counseling odyssey amidst the military milieu, the halls of inpatient mental health and substance rehabilitation bore witness to my early endeavors. Thereafter, I ventured into the realm of outpatient care, where I cultivated proficiency. While my specialization burgeoned in the sphere of addictions, I have navigated the depths of connection with individuals burdened by the weight of depression, anxiety, and the aftermath of trauma. An additional credential, that of a Certified Trauma Therapy Professional, adorns my profile, emblematic of my commitment to addressing intricate layers of distress. My repertoire extends beyond, encompassing realms of relationship dynamics, vocational pursuits, and the diverse tapestry of existence. Guiding those with a criminal history also occupies a niche within my experience. Your narrative finds a sanctuary in my attentive listening and empathetic comprehension, a foundation from which collaborative blueprints for progress are sketched. The lodestar of my efforts orbits around fostering affirmative transformation.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of my approach, harmonizing with the ebb and flow of your individual requisites. My aspiration rests upon bolstering you through your journey, serving as a steadfast companion through life's undulating tides. In some instances, a compassionate ear suffices; in others, a structured therapeutic rapport is sought. Your compass steers the course – your needs and preferences reign supreme.

At times, the human heart yearns for discourse, for rays of positivity to permeate its recesses. In this realm, I am an eager bestower, channeling encouragement and warmth. My presence is dedicated to infusing rays of positivity into the lives of those seeking such illumination.

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5015 US HWY 41 PMB 141
Terre Haute, Indiana  47803
United States

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My Credentials
Credential type: License
Type: Clinical Social Worker
License State: Indiana
License Number: 34008256A
License Expiration: 4/2024
Status: Verified
Credential type: License
Type: Clinical Social Worker
License State: Illinois
License Number: 149020534
License Expiration: 11/2023
Status: Verified
My Therapy Approach
ADHD & Attention Issues
Anger Management
Asperger's Syndrome
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality
Career Difficulties
Children & Teens
Compassion Fatigue
Domestic Violence
Health Anxiety
Life Changes
Marriage Issues
Panic Attack
Postnatal Depression
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Social Anxiety
Trauma and/or Abuse
Cognitive Therapy
Couples Counseling
Couples Therapy
Individual Therapy
Psychoanalytic Therapy
Trauma Focused
Cognitive Processing therapy
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