Introduction to Yoga

Duration: 3 min
Level: Beginners
Props: No

We are so happy and excited to be able to share a few yoga and meditation videos with you here at online-therapy·com as a part of your program - right now free of charge!

In your online therapy program you communicate with your therapist on a daily basis and have access to the online sections, worksheets, live chat, journal and activity plan and much more. And now also yoga videos.

In your activity plan you are advised to every day do things that adds more balance and joy to your life. Maybe yoga could be one of these things! Hopefully these videos will inspire you to start doing some type of yoga every day. Some days this might mean being in child’s pose for 2 minutes, other days you might have the time to do a full yoga class.

What’s so great about yoga is that you don’t need any prior knowledge, be physically active, have fancy yoga clothes to start doing yoga TODAY. You don’t even need a yoga mat. The only thing you need is you and your body.

Below I have listed some of the many benefits of adding practicing yoga into your activity plan and into your daily life.

Physical benefits doing yoga

  • Strengthens and stretches your whole body
  • Improves your posture
  • Increases your blood flow and circulation
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Both strengthens and calms down your heart
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Improves your lung function capacity
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps your digestion

Mental benefits doing yoga - and why it’s such a great complement to therapy

  • Great tool for improving stress, anxiety and depression
  • Helps you find more balance in your life and make better decisions
  • Improves your focus, being less distracted by (negative) thought loops
  • Calms everything down, your mind, your breath
  • Increases your self-esteem, making you feel stronger from the inside and out
  • Helps you realise your value, that you need to take care of yourself to be able to be there for others
  • Helps you cope with the difficulties in life by practicing acceptance and gratitude

Learn more about the benefits of adding a yoga practice into your daily life.

Sending you love, happiness and ease!


Your yoga teacher at online-therapy·com

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