How to Control Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Self-discipline is something that you can build to reduce impulsive behaviors in borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Building self-discipline helps you to take control of your situations and emotions. As we discussed earlier, emotions emerge from past memories that are buried in the subliminal and unconscious mind.

When you build self-awareness it builds conscious awareness. It is part of the developing process. You can analyze your inner being to become aware of your emotions. Our uncontrolled emotions tend to lead to unpredictable behaviors, such as impulsive behaviors, violence, promiscuous and so on. The tangled emotions are usually triggered by external sources, which may make the person feel challenged. In some instances, the emotions are trigged by memories that develop in the mind from the subliminal cavity.

Self-discipline helps you to develop self-awareness so that you can see the positive in the emotional challenges that take over your mind.

Cultivating self-discipline and self-control occur from knowledge, which helps you overcome your weaknesses by examining your strengths. People can alter the emotions to improve their mental wellness. Self-aware and self-control is essential for a person to discretely define themselves, or learn who they are.

Self-control is obtained through self-development, which occurs from shaping one's life in a morally clean and constructive way.

Self-discipline can be obtained from inner strengths and willpower. You need willpower to develop strength of mind. To achieve this you must avoid self-indulging behaviors and habits that lead to impulsive response. Temptations and the things that trigger you must be explored more thoroughly then.

Some of the chief reasons that people lack self-discipline are because of alluring temptations. When a person has borderline personality disorder, BPD often they drink excessively or take illegal drugs or even misuse medical prescriptions. These behaviors are blinding lights, which appear dazzling because it is a way to self-medicate the pain. Most people with problems tend to run to badness because they lack self-discipline and self-control.

Once a person develops self-discipline and self-control, it is then possible to shun what is bad and accept what is good. Building healthy tools such as self-discipline will motivate you to do what is right, as your negative thinking will turn to positive thinking.

You learn to love yourself and move to acceptance which brings great rewards.

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Shaz (October 15, 2013)

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"I agree all the comments and symptoms. What are the simple step I should follow to fix my issues. I just don\'t trust any medicines nor it can fix me or my issues. Sometime I am really stuck and keep trying to figure out how to fix my issues or improve. Any free advice will be great. Thanks"

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