Conquer Fear of Driving

Some people fear driving on a highway, which ultimately hinders them from driving at all. By following a few simple steps, making it a practice for a short while, it is possible to conquer fear of driving.

Even if you are afraid of driving on highways or on any roadway, or over bridges or during the night, you can conquer your conquer fear of driving by remaining calm behind the wheel.


1. Move to discover what caused your anxiety. Are you a new driver? Were you in an automobile accident that caused this fear? Do you doubt your ability to drive safely? Once you discover what caused the fear, it will be easier to change your way of thinking. Emotional scars can bleed and cause us to feel upset, anxious, sad or depressed when fears develop. Take action to overcome these fears.

2. Get in your car and get comfortable. Adjust the seat, mirrors and anything else that may make you uneasy. Being comfortable is very important in overcoming the fear of driving. Once you are relaxed behind the wheel, even if the car isn't moving, that's a step in the right direction.

3. Ask a friend to join you in your car. A friend alongside you can help you relax even further. Anything you can do to cut the tension is good when overcoming the fear of driving.

4. Turn down any music. Loud music can be a distraction when driving. Until you are comfortable behind the wheel again, keep the volume down. If you prefer listening to music, listen to music that makes you feel peaceful.

5. Take small steps. The first time you get in the car, just drive around the block. Next time, you can drive a few miles and then return. Build up your endurance as you feel more comfortable. Take your time and don't force yourself to drive far until you are totally relaxed behind the wheel.

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