Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Online cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety is a self-help program that consists of eight sessions for you to work through in order. We will cover many of the problems that are making you feel that your anxiety is like an immovable mountain.

With the step-by-step tools and advice we offer, you will soon start to realize that some things in life really aren't that bad.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help almost everybody and this specific self-help program is tailored directly towards those suffering from anxiety. If you have other problems, this program may also help you - but in this program we focus entirely on helping people suffering from anxiety, in eight easy steps that we guarantee anyone can follow.

What you'll discover from online cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety

Session 1: CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Taking a quick look at CBT and how it can help you.
Session 2: Looking into your Anxiety - Learning more about anxiety from a CBT perspective, identifying your most significant problems and setting your long term goals.
Session 3: Problematic Behavior - Identifying and challenging your unhealthy behavior patterns.
Session 4: Problematic Emotions - Identifying and challenging your unhealthy negative emotions.
Session 5: Problematic Thoughts - Identifying and challenging your negative automatic thoughts and thought traps.
Session 6: Actively Working at Overcoming your Anxiety - bringing together your behavior, emotions and thoughts.
Session 7: Looking at Self Esteem - Working towards self-acceptance.
Session 8: Looking to the Future - Our advice and tips on where to go from here.

These eight sessions give you information about anxiety and CBT, alongside tools, called worksheets, for you to work with.

The Worksheets, Activity Plan and Diary

Online cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety is a form of therapy that relies on "homework", but fortunately we aren't talking about the things you had to do at school.

We will continuously give you tools which will help you in your journey towards overcoming anxiety. The worksheets really should be seen as compulsory, and please try your best to complete them honestly and realistically. After a few sessions we will introduce additional important tools in overcoming anxiety - your activity plan and diary.

Remember, the only person you need to be honest with is yourself. The worksheets, the activity plan and the diary are private and secret for you only, so the more honest you can be with yourself, the better the results.

What to think about before you start

The prognosis for overcoming anxiety by using online cognitive behavioral therapy is very good,; therefore we strongly recommend you do this course when you are motivated and feel that you have the energy and time. For the results to be long lasting it is important that you complete the whole program, even if you feel free from your problems after just a few sessions.

A great advantage of this self-help program is that it is you who decides the working pace. But we do recommend that you work with it for at least 20 days, since you need time to work through the information and many of the worksheets demand time and reflection for the best results. On the other hand it's important that you don't let too much time pass by between sessions since there's a risk of losing motivation and you also might forget what you've read between the sessions. You can't build up a good physical fitness without training and in the same way you can't get rid of your anxiety without regularly working with the text and doing the worksheets.

Now that you have taken the important decision to work at overcoming your anxiety, your only expense will be time and commitment. How well you succeed with this program is strongly based on how hard you "train". Instead of trying to control your anxiety, you can now use this time to create a positive change and a life without anxiety!

Good luck, and see you on the other side!

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