Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Archives at a Glance

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Since its inception in 2009, is dedicated in helping individuals to deal with their mental health and life transition problems. We believe in helping individuals deal with their potential problems. For us, our clients are not mere case-loads or members. Rather, for us nothing is more important than our client’s health, well-being, dignity and [...]

Self-Harming behaviour: The act of harming or inflicting pain to oneself

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Have you seen someone slashing, cutting, inflicting pain to himself or herself? In the starting phase of my clinical career I was awe-struck and shocked one day. I saw a teenager bleeding profusely. He had self-mutilated his wrists and hands…neither once, nor twice but multiple times. Frankly speaking, I could not take up that case [...]

Domestic Violence: It’s Psychological Aftermath

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Battered and shattered, wounded and bruised, bleeding and crying... Every now and then we hear different stories related to domestic violence or literally go through it. Needless to say, domestic violence is one of the most heinous acts done on a female (or male). Do you know who the worst sufferers of this are? Its [...]

An introduction to “psycho-diagnostics”

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Confused by reading the title??? Psycho-diagnostics is nothing but the way through which psychologists diagnose different mental health problems. Either you or your loved one have a mental health issue or you are keeping good health. Both ways a sound knowledge of psycho-diagnostics is going to help you. Today, we are faced with varied situations [...]

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): The Clinical Perspective

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“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” 
― Charles H. Spurgeon 24/7 anxiety about anything and everything…in technical terms this is known as “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” (Acronym: GAD). There are times when you would feel anxious about certain event like an examination, a presentation, a blind date or [...]

Action against addiction: A success story…

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Many thoughts race in our minds when we hear the word “Addiction”. Some see it as a bad habit, while some see it as a way out of all problems. Whether it's just addiction per say or whether it's how one becomes addicted to something, getting rid of addiction is often seen as very difficult [...]

An introduction to psychotic disorders

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By definition, a psychotic disorder is a chronic mental illness that requires long-term treatment, medication and sometimes hospitalization, in-patient care as well. This blog post will provide you information on different kinds of psychotic illness, their prevalence, signs and symptoms. Therefore, as soon as you identify them or feel them you can seek immediate medical [...]

Therapeutic journal writing & its benefits

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As a CBT therapist, one of the core therapy inputs I prescribe my clients is the “Journal Writing Method”. Almost all of us do some kind of scribbling, writing, doodling in our daily lives. However, many of you won’t know the right way of journal writing or diary writing. Some write for a passion, some [...]

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Introduction, Methodology and Benefits of CBT

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Anyone who heads into our website and services comes in terms with a key word; CBT. Though some of you already know about it, however for many this acronym is still a big question mark. This blog post focuses on what CBT is, how it is done and how it benefits one and all. The [...]

Discover the True Essence of Marriage

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Marriage, or a relationship, is built on the backbone of the three pivotal aspects; Mutual Trust, Mutual Respect and understanding and Mutual Cooperation. If any one of these gets disturbed then the entire spirit and essence of marriage gets disturbed too. These qualities need to be developed and nurtured within every individual who wants his/her marriage to [...]