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Wear it Purple Day! What is it & How to Get Involved

By |2023-08-31T13:54:18+02:00August 24th, 2023|Categories: LGBTQ2+, Mental Health, Sexuality|

What is the Purpose of Wear It Purple Day? Wear It Purple is an organization that was originally founded in 2010. The inspiration was a response to stories of teenagers taking their own lives due to bullying and harassment in regard to their sexuality or gender identity. The organization aims to create supportive, safe, [...]

Facts About Overdose & Treatment

By |2023-08-31T14:02:40+02:00August 18th, 2023|Categories: Adults, Health, Mental Health, Treatment|

What is an overdose? Overdose (OD) happens to a person when a toxic amount of a drug, or multiple drugs, overwhelms the bodyWritten by Harm Reduction . Overdosing can occur with a variety of substances, even over-the-counter painkillers and alcohol. Opioid overdoses occur when there are too many opioids in the body or a [...]

Coping With Grief

By |2023-08-31T14:03:29+02:00August 15th, 2023|Categories: Bereavement, Mental Health|

What Is Grief? National Grief Awareness Day is on August 30th 2023. Most of us have probably experienced the pain of grief at some point in our lives but what exactly is grief? How can we learn to cope with our feelings of loss? This article explores the nature of grief and offers some [...]

How To Make Friends As An Adult

By |2023-08-31T15:48:51+02:00August 9th, 2023|Categories: Adults, Everyday tips, Mental Health, Relationships, Social Anxiety|

Friendship in Adulthood August 6th this year is Friendship Day. Friendships are something to celebrate. Having friends has positive effects on our physical and mental health. A 2017 study, published in the Journal of Personal Relationships, found that investing in friendships over the lifespan led to increased happiness and well-being. However, despite the importance [...]

Top Tips To Overcome Panic Attacks

By |2023-08-31T14:06:12+02:00August 3rd, 2023|Categories: Anxiety, CBT, Everyday tips, Mental Health, Panic attack|

What Are Panic Attacks? Panic Attack Awareness is this month, but what are they? Panic attacks are intense but brief waves of fear or anxiety that tend to last between five and twenty minutes although they may last longer. They cause physical symptoms such as racing heartbeat, breathlessness, sweatiness, or dizziness. Panic attacks are [...]

Human Trafficking Awareness & Tips to Protect Yourself

By |2023-08-31T14:04:08+02:00July 27th, 2023|Categories: Adults, Health, Mental Health, Trauma|

What is Human Trafficking? Human Trafficking is a type of act that involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion, as a means to obtain a form of labour or commercial sex act. Traffickers lure victims into trafficking situations through the use of violence, manipulation, romantic relationships, and false promises involving well-paying jobsWritten by [...]

Birth Trauma Awareness Week

By |2023-08-31T14:04:19+02:00July 25th, 2023|Categories: Health, Kids, Mental Health, Parenting, Pregnancy, PTSD, Trauma|

. What Is Birth Trauma? July 19th, 2023 marks the beginning of Birth Trauma Awareness Week. Birth trauma is a way of describing the trauma that can occur following childbirth. This trauma might be clinically diagnosable as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD for short).  Alternatively, it might not fall within the [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Awareness Day

By |2023-08-31T14:25:01+02:00July 13th, 2023|Categories: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Treatment|

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Despite being fairly common, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD for short) doesn’t often get discussed. With this year’s National Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness Day on July 24th, it’s a good time to explore more about this mood disorder. SAD is similar to low mood or depression. However, whilst depression is [...]

Self-Care Tips For Summer

By |2023-08-31T14:25:13+02:00July 6th, 2023|Categories: Mental Health|

International Self-Care Day takes place this month on July 24th. Self-care often gets mentioned as being an important part of looking after our physical and emotional health. But, what exactly is self-care? What might get in the way of looking after ourselves? And how can we best start to practice self-care? This article explores [...]

Five Top Tips To Overcome Anxiety

By |2023-08-31T14:25:23+02:00June 29th, 2023|Categories: Anxiety, CBT, Mental Health|

What Is Anxiety? Everyone feels anxious sometimes. Anxiety is a natural response to threats so it’s normal to find our anxiety increasing at the time of difficult life events or when we experience challenges. However, anxiety can become problematic when it seems out of proportion to the situation we’re facing. It’s also unhelpful when [...]

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