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VeryWellMindVoted Best Online Therapy for Anxiety 2022

Bernadette Eze (Masters of Social Work)
Lynn Hiscoe (MSW)
Li Laurent (BSc, MA, EMDRAA, AASW)
Dr. Fulivia Cannady (LPC-S)
Shauntia King (MSW, RSW)
Jennifer Griffin (M. Human Serv Practice G. Cert. Health (MHSc) BA (psych) Hons.)
Janet Linton (MA, Bsc)
Dr. Peter Sacco (M.Sc. Ph.D.)
Irina Stavreva (MA, BA)
Shawn Matthews
Sherry Ackerman (LCSW)
Sherrie Kaelin (LMHC LPC)
Catherine Moore (LCSW)
Ari Grobler (RCC)
Angela Cianchetta (LPC)
Christine O'Neill (LPC LAC)
Heather Revill (LPC LCPC)
Katro Henderson (CADC-S, Nevada Chaplain)
Angela Selvaggio (MA, LPC, NCC)
Tessa Price (DIP)

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Unique therapy toolbox

We’re not like other therapy services! Our happiness toolbox includes therapy live sessions, messaging, yoga, journal, activity plan and much more!

Get life-changing support from the comfort of your sofa!

Top quality therapy

Our program is based on proven, well-researched CBT treatments. Our therapists are highly qualified with a wide range of credentials. You can switch therapist whenever needed.

Saves you money

Online therapy is much less expensive compared to face-to-face therapy. You pay a low monthly fee for daily support from your therapist.

It’s time-saving

There is no hassle with traveling or keeping an appointment. You can get help from wherever you are in the world. All you need is a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

What are you waiting for? Join thousands that got the therapy support and tools that transformed their lives.