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Absolutely! recognizes the importance of privacy in therapy. Our platform allows you to maintain anonymity, which can make the therapeutic process less intimidating than traditional settings.

Privacy in therapy: Your choice, your control

Here’s how we ensure your anonymity and safety:

  • Nickname use: You can choose a nickname, which is the only identifier your therapist will use to communicate with you. This feature helps you feel more comfortable and secure during your sessions, avoiding the exposure you might experience in a waiting room or therapist’s office.
  • Emergency contact protocol: While maintaining your anonymity, we do require emergency contact information to ensure your safety. This information is securely stored and only accessed if your counselor has concerns about your or someone else’s immediate safety.

Start your private therapy journey

Are you ready to explore therapy with the assurance of anonymity? provides a safe and private platform where you can express yourself freely. Click below to start your journey with the comfort of knowing your identity is protected.


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