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Duration of therapy sessions

At, each live therapy session lasts for 45 minutes. This duration is designed to provide ample time for a thorough exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors under the guidance of your therapist.

Subscription options and session availability

  • Standard Subscription: Includes one 45-minute live therapy session each week. This plan is ideal for those who seek regular weekly support to address ongoing mental health concerns.
  • Premium Subscription: Provides two 45-minute sessions per week. If you require more intensive support and guidance, this option doubles your access to professional care, facilitating deeper and more frequent therapeutic engagement.
  • Basic Subscription: Note that the Basic plan does not include live therapy sessions. This subscription is best suited for those who might benefit from therapeutic guidance without the need for live interaction, using tools such as messaging and self-guided activities.

Getting the most out of your therapy

Whether you choose one session per week or two, our therapy sessions are structured to maximize your progress in managing and overcoming personal challenges. Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring that every minute is focused on moving you towards better mental health.

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