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At, we understand that different people have different preferences for how they communicate. That’s why we offer a variety of formats for our live therapy sessions, ensuring that you can choose the method that makes you feel most comfortable and supported.

Available session formats

  • Video sessions: Ideal for those who prefer a face-to-face interaction, video sessions allow you to connect with your therapist in a manner that closely resembles traditional in-person therapy.
  • Voice sessions: If you’re more comfortable without the visual element, voice sessions provide the intimacy and immediacy of a phone call.
  • Messaging sessions: For those who prefer writing or need more time to articulate their thoughts, messaging sessions offer a text-based alternative that can be less immediate but just as deep.

Our subscription plans

  • Standard subscription: Includes one 45-minute live therapy session per week.
  • Premium subscription: Offers two 45-minute live therapy sessions per week, giving you more time to delve deeper into your therapy goals.
  • Basic subscription: The Basic subscription does not include live therapy sessions. This plan is suitable for those who may prefer a self-guided approach with support from worksheets and messaging.

Choosing the right plan for you

Each subscription plan is designed to accommodate different needs and lifestyles, allowing you to choose how often and in what format you wish to engage with your therapist. Whether you need the visual feedback of video, the convenience of voice, or the reflective space of messaging, our flexible session formats are tailored to meet your personal therapy requirements.

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