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The Online Therapy Program is dedicated to improving mental health through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a widely recognized and effective psychotherapeutic technique. CBT helps you to identify, challenge, and overcome your dysfunctional thoughts, behavior, and emotions. This overview explains what’s included in our therapy services.

Structured CBT online therapy program including live therapy sessions

Our entire program is built around the principles of CBT. When you sign up, you gain full access to our comprehensive online therapy platform, which includes:

  • Live therapy sessions: Depending on your subscription level you get access to weekly live therapy session(s).
    • Standard subscription: Includes one 45-minute live therapy session per week.
    • Premium subscription: Includes two 45-minute live therapy sessions per week.
    • Basic subscription: Does not include live therapy sessions; suitable for those who prefer self-guided therapy with therapist support via messaging and worksheets.
  • Eight interactive sections: Each section is designed to help you work through different aspects of your challenges. These sections are guided by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo and are accessible in various formats (videos, audio, and text)—providing a flexible learning environment that caters to different learning preferences.
  • Therapeutic tools and resources: Your subscription gives you unlimited access to communicate with your therapist through messaging and interactive worksheets, available Monday to Friday. Additionally, you can utilize tools such as your daily journal, activity plan, yoga and meditation videos, and tests to monitor your progress.

Choose your path to mental wellness

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive support with live sessions or prefer a more self-guided approach, has a plan that fits your needs.


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