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Engaging in live therapy sessions is a crucial component of our service, offering real-time interaction with your therapist. Here’s a simple guide on how to schedule and start your live sessions, available in video, voice, or messaging formats.

Scheduling your live session

  • Access your dashboard: Log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard. Here you will find all the tools and features you need to manage your therapy.
  • Schedule the session: Click on “Live Sessions” within your dashboard to view available times and schedule your session. Make sure to book your session in advance to secure a time that suits you best.

Starting your live session

  • Browser-based: All live sessions take place within your web browser. There is no need for your therapist to call your phone number, ensuring privacy and convenience. During your scheduled time, simply log into your dashboard and click on the “Live Sessions” link to start your session. Your therapist will be ready to connect with you through the chosen communication method (video, voice, or messaging).
  • Device flexibility: You can use any device that suits you, whether it’s a smartphone, desktop, or laptop computer. Ensure that your device has a stable internet connection and, if required, a webcam and microphone for video calls.

Our subscription plans and number of live sessions included

  • Standard subscription: Includes one 45-minute live therapy session per week.
  • Premium subscription: Offers two 45-minute live sessions per week.
  • Basic subscription: Live sessions are not included in the Basic subscription. If you want live sessions with your therapist, please upgrade to the Standard or Premium plans for enhanced direct support.

Live sessions are an excellent opportunity to engage deeply with your therapist and discuss your progress and concerns in real time. Be prepared with any questions or topics you wish to cover to make the most of your session time.


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