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General Questions is a leading provider of internet-based psychological support, specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Our platform is staffed by a team of experienced consultant therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, practitioners, and support staff, all working collaboratively to deliver emotional support and mental health solutions accessible from anywhere in the world.

What makes unique?

Our services are built around the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a well-regarded and widely-used approach in psychotherapy. CBT is particularly effective for treating a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress by helping individuals identify, challenge, and overcome dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses.

Comprehensive online therapy program

Besides weekly live therapy session(s) with your therapist, your subscription also includes unlimited communication with your therapist through messaging and worksheets (Monday-Friday), along with access to your daily journal, activity plan, yoga and meditation videos, and tests to track your progress. Upon enrolling in our online therapy services, you will gain access to an extensive therapy program structured into eight detailed sections. These sections are crafted to equip you with the necessary knowledge and practical tools to tackle your mental health challenges. Content delivery is versatile, featuring video guidance from Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, along with audio and text options to cater to different learning preferences.

Flexible subscription plans

  • Basic Subscription: This plan is ideal for those seeking foundational resources without the need for live sessions. It includes unlimited text messaging with your therapist Monday to Friday, daily journal access, customizable activity plans, and additional resources like yoga and meditation videos, as well as progress tracking tests.
  • Standard Subscription: This is our most popular plan. Elevate your therapy experience, get everything in the basic subscription plus one 45-minute live session per week, available through video, voice, or messaging, depending on your preference.
  • Premium Subscription: For the most comprehensive support, this subscription offers everything in the basic subscription plus two 45-minute live therapy sessions per week, enhancing your ability to work through issues with more frequent direct contact with your therapist.

Benefits of our online therapy

The flexibility of our service allows you to access your therapy tools anytime, anywhere, making it easier to integrate mental health care into your daily routine. The anonymity and convenience of online therapy also remove many of the barriers associated with traditional therapy, such as travel and time constraints.


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