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The time commitment needed for effective online therapy varies based on individual needs and preferences.

Therapy is a personal journey that involves unpacking and altering lifelong patterns and behaviors. For some, this might mean dedicating several hours per day to work through the therapy program’s components, including live therapy sessions, messaging your therapist, worksheets, videos, and journaling. Others may find that a few hours each week is adequate to make significant progress. Learn more about our different subscription plans that suit individual needs and schedules.

Finding your own therapy rhythm

It’s crucial to approach therapy with an understanding that change is a gradual process. The depth of change required to modify established negative behaviors that have been built up over a lifetime requires patience and persistent effort. The more time and practice you invest in your therapy, the more profound and lasting the transformation can be.

If you feel the time is right, our therapists are ready to help guide you back on track with your mental health.


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