Everything in this world is a product of either positive or negative thinking. Folks, do you know that the way you think can influence the entire course of your life? Thought processes have strong consequences. The way we think, is the way we ultimately behave. And the way we behave, is the way we live.

I have seen many people who curse their destinies when something goes wrong. But, the truth is your destiny lies in your hand. It is all in your head, in the top floor of your entire being! Have you experienced a day when nothing goes right, and a day which is full of smiles and cheer? This may be because of situations on one hand but the main reason behind it how you think and react in different situations. Let me tell you a simple day-to-day example: Imagine you get up late in the morning and get irritated due to it. As the day started on an angry note, everything in that day will keep on pushing you towards negative thoughts. Even the slightest mistake by your partner or colleague will make you blast off. On the contrary, if you think positively in each and every situation, you will see how easily and efficiently you can handle things no matter how complicated they are.

Therefore, one thought gives rise to another and gradually several thought clouds start engulfing your mind. What will make the difference is whether they are filled with positive charges or negative thunder bolts. Now let’s see whether you are a positive or a negative thinker. I have written about the different thought and behavior habits of a positive vs negative thinker below. Match them and see where you stand and which path you need to take in future:

Positive Thinker Vs Negative Thinker

Outlook towards Life

Positive Thinker Negative Thinker
Positive thinkers are mostly optimistic Negative thinkers are mostly pessimistic
Positive thinkers see the glass as half-full Negative thinkers see the glass as half-empty
Positive thinkers are full of life and positive energies Negative thinkers lack vital energies and wellness factor
Positive thinkers are in control of situations Negative thinkers are dependent on situations

Planning and Decision-making

Positive Thinkers Negative Thinkers
Positive thinkers are good planners and decision-makers Negative thinkers often lack good planing and decision-making skills
Positive thinkers are optimistic about the future Negative thinkers are fearful about the future
Positive thinkers have faith and confidence on their decisions Negative thinkers usually depend on others for making decisions
Positive thinkers hold themselves accountable and responsible for their work Negative thinkers often hold others responsible and blame others if anything goes wrong

Basic Personality Traits

Positive Thinkers Negative Thinkers
Optimistic, energetic, truthful and genuine Pessimistic, sluggish and sloppy, resort to falsity and lack genuineness
Are good leaders Are basically good followers or moderators
Kind, compassionate, helpful and extroverted Dependent, timid, and introverted
Always healthy, easily flip back to good health if ill and can cope in any situation Always complain about everything, prone to helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, personality deficits and faulty coping mechanisms

It is the content of our thinking that makes and shapes our entire thought system, behavioral patterns and personality. Positive thinking has tremendous positive effects on your physical health, mental health, social interactions, professional life and in each and every nook and corner of your life. However, negative thinking can shove you in a hearth of ill-health, maladaptive behavior patterns, unstable relationships and overall chaos and disturbance in each and every facet of life.

So with a little thought shift from negativity to positivity your life can turn into a worthwhile journey of happiness, success, health and prosperity.

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative”. – Robert Collier

Best Wishes,