We always feel bad for the one who is suffering from any ailment. But, do you know guys; the work of a caregiver is also not that easy. Seeing a loved one suffer and decay in front of one’s own eyes can really be heart-churning and overwhelming. On a daily basis on my clinic sessions I often see loved ones or caregivers crying bitterly. They can’t see the pain of their own family members, they can’t cope with the situations, and they can’t balance between their lives and the life of the patient. There are many issues that a caregiver has that goes unnoticed. This blog post is for all of you, whether you are suffering from an illness or you are taking care of someone who is ailing. Only when we can know and understand each other we can support each other what come may. Here you will learn many aspects of a caregiver and how you can make caregiving an art rather than a gruesome task:

  1. Celebrate the bliss of caregiving and accept that you are being chosen to help a sufferer because only you can do it. Very few people in this world have healing and helping hands. So realize the significance, dignity and beauty of caregiving.
  2. Be physically and mentally well prepared for caregiving. Do not do it if you have your own unresolved issues, if you are too emotional or if you are yourself suffering from any infections or agonies.
  3. Try to maintain a balance in between your life and the life that you are taking care of. A healthy balance is the key to a healthy caregiving.
  4. If you have too many tasks to perform then stick to a proper time management or routine. Of course, each day will have its own ups and downs, but…at least with time management you will have a proper plan and direction to execute your duties.
  5. Never thrust or throw your own tiredness or restlessness on the person you are taking care of. This will make the situations and his/her conditions even worse.
  6. Even if most of the day you are occupied with caregiving, try to take some “me time”, i.e some time for yourself too.
  7. During your “me time”, try to vent our your own emotions, take some rest, talk about your emotions with anyone who understand you, join an online forum/support group or simply have a diary where you can vent/jot down anything you wanna ‘say n share’.
  8. Eat well, sleep well, exercise or brisk walk while listening to music, meditate, fill the surroundings with inspirational quotes, good pictures, photos, aroma. In short, make your inner and outer world beautiful so that you can recharge and rejuvenate yourself when you feel low and tired.
  9. Love n laugh….if you get a “caregiving burnout”, then just go and hug the person you are taking care of. Once your heart feels light, you will get refreshed and recharged again.
  10. It is never bad to take help. If you need a break, you can seek support from others too.

Remember that your presence and help means the world for the person you are taking care of. Your health and happiness is probably everything to the person who needs your help. So never fall behind in balancing your life too. If you are happy and healthy you can spread happiness everywhere around you. But, if you yourself are sad and ailing, maybe you will spread the same vibes around you.

So take every care of yourself as a caregiver; then only you can give your care and affection to your loved ones or the ones who need it. Caregiving is a Divine gift. As I said, only a chosen few can do so. Rejoice its magnificence and worth.

“Of all the lessons I’ve learned through my years of caregiving, the most important thing all of us can do is to keep the love going. Just tell them that you love them again and again. You will never say it too much, ever.” – Joan Lunden

Best Wishes,