Love, infatuation, lust and crush…feelings for someone can manifest itself in manifold ways. There is no age bar in love and relationships. In fact, the cupid can strike at any time. But, falling for the right person at the right time is most important. When a relationship is started at the right time and with the right person, it adds a new meaning to your life and makes it worthwhile. However, if it moves along the track of infatuation, crush, lust and heart-break…it never materializes. It not only deteriorates your physical and mental health, but also leaves a life-long scar in your life.

Bellow are some of the ways to identify true love, commit at the right time, enjoy a fulfilling love life and build a worthwhile relationship:

  1. Never make haste in starting a relationship. Just because you need someone in your life, or your friend is having a partner does not mean that you will also rush in the same direction. The person who is truly, wholly and solely made for you will surely step into your life when the time is ripe.
  2. Often we forget all other things when we think about starting a relationship. We forget about ourselves, our family, society, studies, profession, etc. But, this is not the way. Love and relationship is important. However, equally important are other facets of your life too.
  3. Do not judge a book by its cover. As in don’t fall for someone just because of his/her stunning looks, cool personality, etc. Relationship is a deeper emotion. More than the face, it’s the heart that matters.
  4. Before searching for love, gain an insight about yourself whether you are ready to deserve it or not. Some people cannot tolerate rejection. They often blame the other person. However, they forget that there must be something in their ownselves that would be requiring fine-tuning and refinement.
  5. When you see someone and start feeling for him/her, try to visualize how your life with him/her will be after 5-6 years from now. Is it worth it after all?
  6. Compatibility, trust, ability to take responsibility and respect…are some of the key words that should be kept in mind before committing in a relationship. Do you have these qualities or can you find these qualities in your partner-to-be? These questions should be asked numerous times because it is ultimately your life.
  7. If anything does not work out, how strong are you to handle a heart-break? You should be prepared for either positive or negative answer. Do not feel bad if you are confronted with rejection. Because you deserve a better person who will understand you even better.
  8. Where teenage is considered as the gateway to infatuations and crush, adulthood is considered to be the gateway to a more matured love. So, sometimes giving yourself ample time also lands you in front of the perfect person made for you.

Love is a pure emotion with deeper implications in life. It uplifts you; it refines you and builds you as a better person. If you fall in love and find yourself getting doomed in physical attractions, unnecessary tensions, mental pressure, stress, etc…then it’s not love, somewhere and something is wrong in it.

Its said that love is blind. But, I believe that Love has an inner eye that understands you and embraces you with the deepest emotion and precision.

Best Wishes,