“In this dreary world so hazy, true hearts are only a few; they brighten lives of others in every way…with the beautiful word thank you!”

Life is so beautiful and bright when it is filled with love and affection, sharing and caring, support and motivation. These aspects tend to make our lives so colorful and worth-living. They cater to an overall sense of well-being in an individual and take him to the highest planes of a happy and healthy life both physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Since time immemorial man has been striving for true happiness and contentment. Some find the solution in living a materialistic life, while rest sees the solution in shedding their lives for others. However, life has bestowed man with some marvels that he can utilize in order to make his life a celebration and to add magical moments into the lives of his fellow beings too. Out of all the marvels the best is grateful living and the power of saying “Thank you”. It not only makes us feel good but also makes others feel so special and confident. Even the fiercest enemy becomes the best friend when we utter those magical words to him. And with the flow of these wonderful words all other aspects like love and affection, sharing and caring, support and motivation fall into the perfect picture.

From cradle to grave we are taught to be grateful in different life situations. When we are a kid and someone gives us a lollipop our mother prompts us to say “Thank you”; when we enter school and a friend shares his notes with us our teacher teaches us to say “Thank you”; when we enter into college and our professor gives us highest marks in a subject, we humbly say the words, “Thank you”; when we enter into our profession the words “Thank you” tends to follow with us like our shadow. We express these words before our colleagues, manager, and leader, etc; when we enter into a family life we again teach these words to our children too. So in a nutshell, the words “Thank you” does not seem to part ways from us. We use it in each and every phase, ebb and tide of life.

However, in this rat race of telling “Thank you” to everyone who does something for us, do we really understand the true meaning and implication behind these words? Do we use it for the person who actually deserves it? Do we even know what ripples it can create in the life of the one it is meant for? Well, dear readers it is high time when we should take a flashback ride in our lives and remember the wonders of these Divine words again. In a practical side, these words simply mean a way to express our gratitude toward someone who has done something for us. But when we look into the deeper aspects of life, the words “Thank you” really means a lot. In the Devnagri Script or according to the Hindi language we say the words as “DhanyaVad”. If we split the word Dhanyavad into two halves it becomes Dhanya+Vad. It means “I express my gratefulness towards the great deed you have done”. When such vibrant words are said to a person he would feel like he’s in the top of a mountain. His sense of self-respect, respect for the person who has said, self-confidence, motivation…everything would touch the skies. Such vast is the power of saying “thank you” or expressing deep sense of gratitude to someone.

From our childhood formative years till this juncture we have told “thank you” to everyone – our family, friends, relatives, teachers, colleagues, seniors, etc. But do we remember to say these words to some other important persons without whom our lives would have been like hell? We are surrounded by people without whose presence we would have been like a straw in the storm, knowing not where to go. The maid servant who cleans our house, the little kid who washes our car, the workers who build our homes, the municipality man who cleans our roads – locality – dust bins, the plumber who mends the broken pipes of our house, the human scavengers who clean our environment, the watchman who spends sleepless nights to keep us safe…well the list would go on and on. This is high time for us to accept these wonderful persons without whom our life would have been down in the dumps. Expressing gratitude should not be restricted to a certain category of people, instead we should say “Thank you” with open arms to this marginalized group too. They not only owe our gratitude for years and years but also deserve our respect, affection and goodwill. The real meaning of “Thank you” or Dhanyavad would reflect in totality if we learn to say it before these people.

It may sound awkward to many but these amazing words would really create magical moments in your life and in the life of these people who do every important thing for us (however small / dirty it may be) but never get to listen our appreciation or words of gratitude. Uttering these incredible and influential words would not only make us healthy, happy and contended but also make them feel special and motivated too. So let us all take a pledge today to spread our love, affection, respect and gratitude to not only the ones who are related to us but to the lesser mortals who really need us and owe our gratitude. Remember from the day we are born till the time when you are all reading these lines…we all have lost precious moments of saying “Thank you” and enkindling its magic to many people who are the unseen and unsung heroes of our lives. So let us all make a strong resolution today to spread the fragrance of our love, affection, gratitude and respect with a smile on our faces and with the amazing word “Thank you”…

With Best Wishes,